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Jan 30, 2007 11:16 AM

El Dorado in Whitby?

Has anyone tried this restaurant, or heard good things? It's part of a golf course, apparently. I'm always craving Mexican flavours, but I'm an hour away from Kensington. I see some promising items on their menu (chile relleno, polle almendrado), but there's also Caesar salad and, um, chicken fingers. : (

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  1. wanted to bump up this thread - as I am also curious. has anyone been and could comment?

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    1. re: auberginegal

      I tried El Dorado in the summer, and it's a funny little place. Some very authentic recipes, and tastes very homemade, but there were some misses. I had cheese chiles rellenos, which had a touch of funky taste, as though maybe the cheese was past its prime. But the broth/sauce was gorgeous. I had a sort of chorizo/nopales stew that looked awful but tasted incredible. The dessert (the only dessert available) was cinnamon-dusted ice cream surrounded with a huge mound of sopaipillas, drizzled with chocolate and cajeta. We were 2 adults and 2 kids, and although we were already stuffed, we demolished this dessert. (It was definitely big enough for 4 people!) Note of caution: unless something has changed, avoid the margaritas at all costs. The ones we were served were like vile green kool-aid slushies.

      I'm pretty sure the El Dorado is a seasonal restaurant, open only during golf season. We plan to visit again, because, quirky as the place is, it might offer some more interesting surprises. And I miss that yummy dessert!

      1. re: datadiva

        thanks for the review. the dessert sounds tasty. maybe i'll make it out there next year!

        1. re: auberginegal

          Hmm. Further to my last message . . . We ate there this weekend, and I was really disappointed. All the flavours I'd experienced the first time around were dulled and muddied. Could it have been because I ordered a more popular dish this time (enchiladas), and so the flavours were toned down for the popular palate? (That's inexcusable, anyway.) I also had a tortilla soup that was seriously oversalted. The chicken in both dishes was that flavourless, prefab stuff. Sigh.

          Dessert was still good, but I don't think you can mess that up.

          I got the impression that the chef was on vacation and the teenage staff took over.