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Jan 30, 2007 11:10 AM

My Birthday!!

My parents are taking my 3 best friends, my boyfriend and I out for my bday next Sunday night (the 11th). I don't live in the area anymore so I could use some Chowhounder's suggestions. I'm up for most kinds of food and am looking for something fun. While it doesn't have to be cheap, I'm not going for one of those through the roof-prices type places. I love BYOBs, so any suggestions you have would be welcome!

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  1. Try Cuba Libre. Great area and lots of places to go afterwards. I have heard good things about the food.

    1. Chines New Year starts on the 18th. A banquest would be fun for your b'day would be fun. Either in Chinatown or one of the really good chinese places in the 'burbs. you did not give a location except that you are not in the area. Thus, no specific suggestions Lots of possiblitites.

      1. A bunch of my out-of-town clients found El Vez (after I had compiled a long list of Chinatown suggestions), and they LOVED it. I find it a little loud, but no one can deny that it's fun! I'd recommend ordering all appetizers (you HAVE to get tableside-made guacamole) if you do go. Fun atmosphere, fun servers, good food - other than the noise level, what's not to like?

        1. You mentioned BYOBs, but you need to check to see if these are open on Sunday:

          Bistro 7
          Las Caszuelas
          Caffe Casta Diva

          Beau Monde
          Los Catrines and Tequilas
          Isla Ibiza
          Positano Coast

          1. What area are you looking for?