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Jan 30, 2007 11:06 AM

Grown up Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

We are throwing a tomato soup and grilled cheese get together and I thought I'd open it up to my dear hounds for their favorites! So far, the plan is a roasted red pepper and tomato soup and a grilled cheese made with better cheese and herbs - please indulge me with your best version of a tomato soup and your best grilled cheeses!

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  1. grilled cheese on challah - add tomato slices and crisp bacon

    put a dash or two of worchestershire sauce in the tomato soup, and maybe (more cheese) sprinkle some grated cheese in each bowl before pouring the soup over

    1. Grilled cheese - slather pain de mie with olive oil, put one slice of bread on hot skillet, add a combination of grated gruyere and fontina, add the second slice, salt lightly, flip when first slice is brown, weigh down with something.

      Excellent - I swear I gained 5 pounds over Christmas last year making these with leftover pain de mie.

      1. i LOVE michael chiarello's roasted tomato is easy but so so fantastic.
        i leave the cream out, because with the butter the soup definitely tastes creamy enough!
        also, love the idea of this party. you should serve chocolate chip cookies with milk for dessert to keep with the theme :).

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          I second this recipe. Katie Nell recommended this recipe on another post, and it's divine! Enjoy!

          Our favourite grilled cheese sandwich is from Bill Granger - a recipe adapted from Harry's Bar - marinate tomato slices in some olive oil, chopped garlic and fresh chili and s+p, then dip one side of two pieces of sourdough bread in the oil mix, fill with the tomatoes and grated fontina, and grill in a pan until cheese melts. Killer, killer grilled cheese!

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            The tomato soup recipe is a fatfest! One small can of tomatoes with 3/4 CUP ol olive oil and a half cup of heavy cream.

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              I agree, but I certainly don't make it to spec - lol - 2 tbsp of oo and a half cup of sour cream/buttermilk/2% is equally satisfying. Good point, Rhee! :)

          2. We make tomato basil soup. Grilled cheese with two kinds of cheese is best. I like swiss and havarti. Do you have a panini grill for the sandwiches or a weight to get them flat?

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              I always use swiss and cheddar, usually with at least a slice or two of tomato in between. Covering while cooking with a pot lid makes them cook perfectly but not burn.
              Tomato soup, we like some milk to make it creamy, and adding some precooked wide egg noodles. That'll fill you up!

            2. A splash of dry sherry and a dolop of creme fraiche will add a great nuance to the tomato soup. If you have an indoor grill pan, it makes perfect grilled cheese sandwhiches when you weight the top of the sandwhich with a plate. Kind of a makeshift panni-press.

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                Or even a cast iron skillet - that works as well.