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restaurant recommendation in Coronado area

Could you give some recommendation for some good medium scale restaurant in Coronado area? Seafood will be nice. =)


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  1. Though I've yet to try it, I hear Crown Bistro is pretty good. Peohe's or Il Fornaio are always decent choices. I hear 1500 Ocean at the Hotel Del is good, but pricey.

    1. The Lowes has two resteraunts, the fine dining one is very good. On Thursday's they have wine tasting and snacks.

        1. I would actually recommend against Peohes - I went there about a year ago with the parents, and the food was terrible. The Loewes hotel, which is down on the Silver Strand - used to have a good fine dining room called Azzura Point, but I haven't been in ages.

          The new restaurant at the Hotel Del, 1500 Ocean, is excellent. It is pretty expensive, but worth it. The other restaurant at the hotel, Sheerwater - is not as good, but also not as expensive.

          I have heard only bad things about Tent City, and Rhinoceros is mediocre. It's too bad, because it's a great location. The Brigantine and Miguels are ok in a pinch, but nothing special.

          1. Went to Peohe's once several years ago and picked it so we could watch the 4th of July fireworks off their deck. Food was ok but thought it was a bit overpriced, like most places that are located on/near the water. Watching fireworks go off from different places made up for the food.

            1. Not sure if you already know this - but downtown is also very close to Coronado, just about a 15 minute drive, so you have lots of options there.

              1. Danny's Palm Bar serves a good burger, kind of the low end of medium scale as it's a bar, you could do much worse.

                1. As unpopular as a corporate restaruant my be, I like il Fornaio. It never seems crowded, has a great view, and has consistently good food. I'll take it anyday over Pehoes.


                  1. I like 1500 Ocean. Some amazing specials. We stayed at the Hotel Del last summer and really enjoyed the food. The service is wonderful, and the drinks outside on the patio if the weather is nice is very romantic, they have and outside fireplace and you can watch the waves crash.

                    1. After working as an INTERN (think, student budget) on Coronado all summer - budget and food are my thing.
                      That said, most of the places I ate at were for lunch -
                      I recommend Tent City, Cafe 1154, Miguel's Cocina Mexican Food, and the Brigantine has pretty good Chowder (never had a full meal there) and Bistro D' Asia both have happy-hour specials.
                      I DO NOT recommend The Fish Co. (you said you were looking for seafood)

                      1. Peohe's, 1500 Ocean, Azzura Point ... I wouldn't describe these places as "mid-priced." One of my favorite places on Coronado is across from the ferry landing. It's called Tartine (www.tartinecoronado.com). We usually go for lunch, but we were originally referred to the place for dinner. Great bakery items for breakfast, too! The paninis run around $8, salads about the same, and dinner can be anywhere from $12-$20.
                        I also read a good review a couple weeks ago in the San Diego Reader (www.sdreader.com) for Chance Bistro, which is on Orange. Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a wide price range.
                        Il Forniao has a good view (especially in the summer for the fireworks) and I think the food is great. The butternut squash raviolli is ... yummmmmm.

                          1. I'm in town frequently and visit Tartine EVERY time (although I've not had dinner there yet). It is small and casual. The food lives up to Chowhounder quality.

                            Another regular haunt for me, my friends, and family is Spiro's Giro's. Chow quality food. It is a very casual sandwich spot in the ferry landing shopping area. They recently did a little patio expansion (including heaters) resulting in a better "dine-in" experience.

                            Rhinocerous is fine and I'd revisit it before Peohe's (but it's been about a year since I went to Rhino-- and I won't order the mussels there again). The owner has displayed a generous amount of support for community groups. I agree that I'd go to Il Forniao (sp) before Peohe's. (In fairness, I haven't been to Peohe's in a long time and I know people who like Peohe's.) Maybe I'll try it again during the non-summer. Tent City is fine for lunch-- I've had good service there twice, and I like their iced tea.

                            I'd long cultivated an arrogant local attitude against visiting the Del, but I now grudgingly admit that the food there is usually good. Frankly, if I had the budget, that's the only place in town where I'd have a nice banquet-- that's how consistently good my friends' and my experiences have been there. Chowhounder quality. More expensive.

                            Miguel's and the Brig are fine; Miguel's atmosphere in the El Cordova is better. You could get seafood at either (obviously, Mig's will be Mexican).

                            1. Theres YUMMY sushi right on that island, and plus they have like 5 YUMMY sushi restaurants in SD, so i guess it must be GOOD.

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                                There are many Olive Garden restaurants in SD but I don't think that is a sign that they are good.