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Jan 30, 2007 10:44 AM

Vegas: Nove Italiano at The Palms

My girlfriend & I are staying at the Palms on an offer that gives me a $300 food credit so I am figuring out how to best use it all.

I have eaten at N9ne before and have been quite satisfied. The N9ne management opened Nove Italiano a few months ago at the top of the new tower at The Palms and the menu is looks to be about 40% Italian & 60% steaks.

But there are very few reviews online regarding the restaurant and I am curious if any ‘hounds have been there yet. One of the very few professional reviews I read was mixed and stated displeasure that the meat was wet aged rather than dry aged. I figure, how bad can the restaurant really be since the N9ne people know what they are doing…and the view from 50+ floors up will definitely be good.

I might end up hitting N9ne during my stay so I guess I am more concerned with the Italian portion of the menu than the steaks. But, all opinions are welcome. I could always use up some of the credit at Little Buddha, which I thought was pretty good (and somewhat underrated/under the radar) the one time I ate there.

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  1. I ate there three days after it opened and I thought it was mediocre at best. All of the tomato sauce was too spicy, to the point that I didn't want to eat it. Most of what we had was forgettable. The osso bucco was okay -- served with a saffron risotto that had way too much saffron in it and again the tomato sauce was way too spicy but the meat was good enough. The grilled octopus was probably the best thing we had there. Lots of flavor and it wasn't overcooked. The flatbread pizza wasn't bad either but then again we're talking about an appetizer.

    One of the cool things about it is that you can get walked up to the Playboy Club after dinner and get in without a cover ( assuming that you dress for it -- it's like any other high end club in Vegas in that it requires a strict dress policy ).

    1. Thanks for the reply but I had already seen your review in another thread. I was hoping that maybe someone else had been there more recently than 3 days after they opened, sometimes restaurants don't hit their stride for a few weeks or months after they open.

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        FWIW -- I've heard similar things as recently as 2 weeks ago. I know for a fact they aren't doing the business that they had hoped.

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            As far as their business expectations, my friend is an investor and he says the exact opposite that you do...

            1. re: Molto E

              You mean someone with a financial interest in the restaurant says that it's great and doing well? Yeah, no way he/she would be biased. *cough*

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                BTW -- by no means do I think of my opinion as the end all, be all. I'm merely throwing it out there as someone who has dined at a large majority of the restaurants in Las Vegas. I encourage you or anyone else to try Nove and put in an opinion here ... that's what this place is for.

        1. The conversation regarding Nove's progress was in a private conversation that took place last week between friends so he has no reason to lie to me. The original investment in the Palms restaurants and clubs was and still is one of the best returns that I have heard of. In terms of the quality of food, I have not eaten there so I am not in position to comment on that, but to judge any place on the third day it is open is not a fair. To judge any restaurant on one meal does not give an accurate picture good or bad of a restaurants performance.

          1. We've eaten at the Palms a few times, we really like Little Buddha, awesome room, & Nine Steakhouse is always good. We dined at Nove and were somewhat disapointed. I predict it won't be around too without some kind of a major overhaul. We got stuck with having to pay the $20 cover to go up to the Playboy club, but it was worth it. They need to infuse some of the Playboy club buzz into Nove's atmosphere.