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Jan 30, 2007 10:25 AM

Vegetarian Chinese food in Chinatown (Manhattan)

Hi, does anyone know of any good vegetarian Chinese restaurants in Chinatown? I'm not a vegetarian myself, but my date is. Thanks, Russ

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  1. I don't have a favorite in Manhattan, however a quick trip to Brooklyn Heights and you can dine at the Greens. Great menu good service and cheap. Try Yin and Yang made from mushrooms .. very dense and meat-like with a great sauce. They also have my favorire cold noodles in sesame sauce ( flat spinach noodles). You will enjoy it as much as your vegitarian date will. It us upstairs on Montague and Henry I believe.


    1. The Vegetarian Dim Sum House has really yummy all-vegetarian dim sum; I usually fill up on that. They have entrees, too, but the few that I've tried have not been as good as the dim sum. It's really low key (no fancy decor) and if your date is the classy, high maintenence type you might want to wait until you've been going out for awhile before you go here!

      Also, on their website they used to have a coupon for 5% off your meal (which you don't really need because the dim sum is all around $2).

      1. Buddha Bodai's another rec. I've been to both Vegetarian Dim Sum House and Buddha Bodai, and even though I prefer the latter, both are very good choices.

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          My daughter brought some leftover takeout home from Buddha Bodhai last summer and we (non-veggies) liked it very much. Excellent seasoning and texture. The Veg Dim Sum house is very good too. (esp some of their fried items - others are non-convincing to meateaters.)

        2. There's also House of Vegetarian on Mott street. I've always liked that place.