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Jan 30, 2007 10:21 AM

Doña Tomas - Recent Reviews?

Has anyone been lately? Any reviews?
I would like to take my father there this weekend for his birthday.

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  1. I've been a number of times lately and I always have very good meals. I really liked the dungeness crab empanada like appetizer that was on the menu a few weeks ago, I love their ceviche, and I've had good luck with all of the fish and meat dishes that I've tried.

    1. Will a vegetarian be happy there or will he have approximately one boring choice?

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        Hmm, there's always at least one vegetarian entree on the menu, and I think there are frequently two, and always a number of appetizers/sides that are vegetarian. But none of them are boring, I'm a dedicated carnivore and I've ordered their vegetarian entrees before and been very happy.

      2. Just went Friday night and had an excellent meal and experience. We had a terrific huitaloche (corn fungus) quesadilla appetizer that I could eat at every meal, every day! The ceviche is indeed stellar for a Mex version and that was the only critter we had.

        Their version of chile rellanos are amazing, not breaded or deep fried, just green chile goodness, stuffed with smooth, meltingly yummy goat cheese, served with very flavorful creamy black beans. We also had a veg enchilada that was filled with squash blossoms, came with well prepared mixed greens, garlicy and perfectly balanced.

        Their masa products are all fresh and taste of corn, their salsa is a lovely puree of smoky chilies served with housemade chips. And don't miss the margaritas, especially if you are splurging, the $17. Paradiso is without a doubt the best cocktail I ever had, even though I hate to admit I paid that much for a drink. Service was friendly, efficient and welcoming.

        Go, he will love it!

        1. I went not long ago and it's about 80% were it should be. I think the high prices for great Mexican food are ok, especially with a good atmosphere but the service was sloppy and the food good to very good, never great.

          1. The LA Times had a rave review last September of the cookbook by Thomas and Dona but I couldn't get the link t it from the LA Times website. Here's a link to the stuff on it and excerpts from the LAT review: