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Jan 30, 2007 10:12 AM

Please! Please! Please! White Clam Pizza

My fellow dining out companions:

I'm in dire need of a great White Clam Pizza. Given that I'm not a fan of Upper Crust - any other recommendations would be sincerely appreciated.

Many thanks, Rafi

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  1. Try Figs in Beacon Hill and Charlestown.

    1. I agree, it used to be a menu item on Figs menu. But its now only an occasional special...just called both, not on the menu.

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      1. re: CambridgeFoodie

        Sweet Tomatoes in Newton (there's 2 of them - Newton Centre and West Newton) has it on their menu. Haven't tried this particular pie, but have loved all the pizzas I've gotten from there.

      2. Cafe Italia in East Boston may have one..... they used to have fantastic food (haven't been a while and make sure you go to the original not the one in the heights).

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        1. re: Redhohoho

          the one in the heights doesn't exist anymore. it's now a colombian restaurant

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Nebo, on the edge of the North End (North Washington St.), has a pretty good one.