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Jan 30, 2007 10:12 AM

tempt me to etobicoke

i'm trying to rendezvous with someone and i think we may end up in etobicoke, which as far as my foodie experience goes is completely uncharted territory.

i've done a bit of reading up (that is, whatever i could pull up with this completely defunct search), but found that for the most part there are some detailed reviews but not many opinions back and forth about what is truly great out there.

so for a girl who's been living it up in RH/markham, mid-town, downtown, west queen west and leslieville.... what and where can i find great food in etobicoke worth a 1.5 hour ttc commute? let's talk reasonably priced (no kaji's or via allegros please) and unique. places with couches for sitting and chatting all the better! oh and nix the sushi (having that friday) but extra kudos to hearty items to ward off winter cold. and lastly... places open past 7pm.


ps. i will have car access once i hit this completely foreign area to me.

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  1. Not so much with the couches, but Anatolia at Dundas/Kipling is possibly my favourite resto in the city. Unique little vibe and they have belly dancing on the weekend (I think). It's Turkish cuisine by the way, so the food's very rich and definitely hearty.

    1. Isn't Via Allegro out there?

      1. Here would be my recommendations (plus I don't like Via Allegro, too overpriced for what you get IMO)

        ViBo- great Italian food and it has some live music (although nothing funky)
        CRU- the chef/owners from Far Neinte, good quality, somewhat unique cuisine, higher end but it's a BYOB. Mid week fixed menus
        Momo's Jazz Bistro- Royal York and Queensway, more casual and funky
        My Thai Kitchen on Bloor- very casual but great Thai

        I can't think of too many places with couches but if you go in the Kingsway area (Cru, Vibo and other like some Casa Barcelona that some like for authetic tapas) there is a hidden Etobicoke gem called the Crooked Cue. It's a higher end pool hall with fireplaces, couches and high backs chairs as a place for after dinner (it has great pub food but don't think that's what you are after)

        Also I love Magoo burgers in Etobicoke but I am sure you don't want a self serve place.

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        1. re: ciaociao1

          the crooked cue actually does sound interesting to me as does momo's.... although i'm not quite confined to places for dinner per se but even just places to grab a quick bite or do an evening snack food tour. very willing to go from very cheap to mid-priced for suggestions. anything a little lower end that anyone's enjoyed?

          let's also throw into the pot a late night coffee shop that we could head to if we wanted to just chat?

          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            Magoo's is great for lower end (gourmet burgers) and I also like a place called Lenny's that is more "neighbourhood Italian" Definitely go to the Cue if you want more muchies and lounging/pool (great nachos there)
            Momo's is cool and mid range priced, also more a cocktail spot.
            In terms of late night coffee I can't think of anything other than Demetres, Williams etc so hopefully others can help. If you want late night grease the best is Apache Etobicoke institution!

        2. Take the Go train to Port Credit & head to "Ten" Hwy 10&Lakeshore - no couches but nice bar area, little nooks in the dining area for sitting & chatting. Lago - nice bar area & banquettes. Etobicoke try Royal York & Bloor area, tons of little places to hang out & nibble.

          1. For a snack type place, Yellow Cup Cafe is a nice CAN get crowded but usually you can find a table. I go for the dessert crepes and that alone, but they have all day bfast, paninis, hot/cold sandwiches, soups, some specials, and savoury meal crepes, cakes, ice cream, breads, coffees/teas, smoothies, etc. The prices are decent...the crepes are huge and there are couches/comfy chairs as well as tables and such. Because its a smallish place its nice/intimate/friendly and not too loud usually.

            Its located across from cloverdale mall, roughly dundas and east mall.