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Jan 30, 2007 10:02 AM

gyro in eastport,N.Y

Drove past a place... looks new ..with a big sign "GYRO" any body have any info ?Thanks

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  1. Why don't you try it out and let us know?

    1. Will do. I did though eat at the Mediteranian kitchen in Mastic on Montauk Hyway I enjoyed it ,had a mixed plate of grilled kabobs that came with a small salad,grilled veg's and two rice's as well as yogurt and hot sauce.The place had a small grocery that had Turkish canned and package foods that included sweets and Turkish coffee,They have a typical rotating ( I think it rotated)Gyro grill and was busy with customers taking out.

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        This is good to know. You should also try the Turkish place on Rte 112 in Medford: Pita House, he makes great kabobs, hummus, grape leaves, my favorite is the Ishkender platter, everything from scratch even his leg of lamb on the gyro. Also has a grocery attached. Nice dining room with assortment of Turkish beers.

        1. re: coll

          We ate at Pita House and it was excellent. In the past, the Turkish restaurant in Riverhead, that closed, was very good, and it would not surprise me if they moved to Eastport. Just guessing though.

        1. re: scunge

          It's on Rte 112 in Medford, north of Sunrise and just south of Woodside Ave.
          Yesterday, I was at a local bagel store that is owned by a Turkish man and he highly recommended Angora (which has been mentioned here before) which is also on Rte 112 just south of the Expressway. I promised him I would try it very soon, to see if it is better than Pita House as he believes. I see a lot of Turkish food in my future.

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            Angora seemed to me to be more of a food store deli/cafe not a full service restaurant like Pita House has on one side, but it may have evolved recently. I took out some bean salad and a few other things, the food was good but not inexpensive.
            The place in Eastport has been a deli for years; it still looks like a deli from the outside, with the gyro sign hung in the window. It's a very small store, I would assume takeout only.

            Pita House is hard to see coming from the south since the strip mall is at an angle.
            It's on the west side, keep a sharp eye.