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Jan 30, 2007 10:01 AM

Great cupcakes for a birthday party

What are your favorite cupcakes in Brooklyn? Place, size, type of cake, type of frosting. I am getting five dozen for my birthday party and currently considering: Joyce Bakeshop, Baked, Cakeman Raven, and Burgers and Cupcakes (Chelsea).

Oh, also I am on bedrest right now so any posts would be so welcome.


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  1. My favorite cupcakes are still the ones from Downtown Atlantic. The chocolate with coconut icing is to die for. So moist....yum!

    1. I am especially addicted to the Brooklyn Blackout Cupcakes from Two Red Hens (8th Ave and twelfth)...that chocolate frosting is delish and the pudding inside moistens the whole cake.

      Where is Downtown Atlantic?

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      1. re: pastoralia

        I second the accolades for this place. I've never had their Blackout Cupcakes, but we got our wedding cupcakes (instead of wedding cake) at Two Red Hens, two kinds (chocolate and vanilla) and they were incredibly delicious and beautiful.

        1. re: pastoralia

          Downtown Atlantic is at 364 Atlantic Avenue, I think around Hoyt Street? I agree with jinx that the chocolate cupcakes with vanilla/coconut frosting are excellent, if you like the big, soft kind with lots of frosting (which I do)!

          Sweet Melissa's cupcakes are good too, in a totally different style: smaller and more "grown up." For example, they have a chocolate cupcake with a small dab of not-too-sweet coffee/mocha frosting.

        2. Also considering Downtown Atlantic mixed cupcakes. Any thoughts?

          1. Any great cupcakes in Brooklyn that AREN'T made with buttercream icing? I hate that stuff... *shudder*

            1. I quite like the cupcakes at Little Cupcake Bake Shop in Bay Ridge, and they have an unbelievable banana pudding.