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Great cupcakes for a birthday party

What are your favorite cupcakes in Brooklyn? Place, size, type of cake, type of frosting. I am getting five dozen for my birthday party and currently considering: Joyce Bakeshop, Baked, Cakeman Raven, and Burgers and Cupcakes (Chelsea).

Oh, also I am on bedrest right now so any posts would be so welcome.


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  1. My favorite cupcakes are still the ones from Downtown Atlantic. The chocolate with coconut icing is to die for. So moist....yum!

    1. I am especially addicted to the Brooklyn Blackout Cupcakes from Two Red Hens (8th Ave and twelfth)...that chocolate frosting is delish and the pudding inside moistens the whole cake.

      Where is Downtown Atlantic?

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        I second the accolades for this place. I've never had their Blackout Cupcakes, but we got our wedding cupcakes (instead of wedding cake) at Two Red Hens, two kinds (chocolate and vanilla) and they were incredibly delicious and beautiful.

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          Downtown Atlantic is at 364 Atlantic Avenue, I think around Hoyt Street? I agree with jinx that the chocolate cupcakes with vanilla/coconut frosting are excellent, if you like the big, soft kind with lots of frosting (which I do)!

          Sweet Melissa's cupcakes are good too, in a totally different style: smaller and more "grown up." For example, they have a chocolate cupcake with a small dab of not-too-sweet coffee/mocha frosting.

        2. Also considering Downtown Atlantic mixed cupcakes. Any thoughts?

          1. Any great cupcakes in Brooklyn that AREN'T made with buttercream icing? I hate that stuff... *shudder*

            1. I quite like the cupcakes at Little Cupcake Bake Shop in Bay Ridge, and they have an unbelievable banana pudding.

              1. the red velvet cupcakes from the cakeman are pretty effin good. just sayin'.

                1. I love the cupcakes at One Girl Cookies, but they usually only have a dozen or so at any given time. You might want to call ahead and ask if they can do a special order.

                  They're buttery and soft with a thinner-than-Magnolia-style buttercream icing - more rich and tender than sugar bomb. (Though they're still sweet and yummy!)

                  And I second the banana pudding at Little Cupcake. I dream of that pudding...

                  1. I also vote for Downtown Atlantic. I like the chocolate ones with the little Hostess-like swirl on top and the cream in the middle.

                    1. In my opinion, Downtown Atlantic has the very best cupcakes around.

                      1. Ok, the majority rules, I ordered from Downtown Atlantic. Bonus is that Fran was also so pleasant to deal with. I am looking forward to serving the cupcakes.

                        1. what is the cost at downtown atlantic my birthday is next week and I was going to order a cakse silly me?

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                            They are 2.50 each for the regular ones, $3.50 each for "special" (I didn't even ask, ask the regular looked so good.) I asked if I should order one per person and Fran kindly offered that especially since this was an adult cocktail party, probably 40 was fine for an expected crowd of 70.

                          2. They're fantastic--I think they'll go over well. But they are seriously huge, so be sure to have some cutlery and plates handy (I learned this after serving them at a friend's birthday party last year, where everyone got totally gooed with cake).

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                              Got both cutlery and plates. Thanks for the tip!

                            2. you won't be disappointed. Hope you got some with the coconut icing. Now that's a party I'd like to go to!

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                                Yes I called back and asked about the chocolate icing based on your recommendation jinx. BTW, the rest of the food is from Tanoreen so it should be one yummy party.

                              2. I bought some extremely disappointing cupcakes for my daughter's birthday, some blackouts, some others. I do not recommend. I think the place has gone downhill. By the way, for another daughter's birthday I got an oreo cake from Baked in Red Hook, which was also very disappointing, flavorless. From now on it's Cakeman Raven or nothing!

                                1. oops, I meant to say, from Two Little Red Hens.

                                  1. I went ahead and ordered cupcakes for my birthday extravaganza as well from Downtown Atlantic. All special and normal flavors. I was sure to get the coconut frosted chocolate as recommended. They deliver as well which is great when you only have a bike.

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                                      The chocolate with coconut frosting was AMAZING. Get 2/3 of what you think you need or you will have tons left over.

                                    2. You dont have the Lugo brothers coming over - we have to order 4 for each.

                                      1. Ok guys so the cupcakes from Downtown Atlantic were not so hot. They looked good but on the inside the cake was uneven and tough, not flavorful at all. The frostings were dissapointing as well - sort of greasy and tasteless. And we did get many of the coconut frosted - both vanilla and the chocolate and I have to disagree, the chocolate was the dullest the vanilla was better but not by far. We also got red velvet and carrot cake - also not so hot. These cupcakes look good and are huge but that is where it ends. It was kind of a let down. We also got the strawberry which was the best of the bunch but I think its because it had a real strawberry on top which inhanced the dead flavor. They all had the same basic batter which means they all had the same basic flavor.

                                        There is a light at the end of this tunnel. That same night I received as a gift from friends four cupcakes from Betty Bakery on Atlantic (has been on topic). The cupcakes where a thrid of the size of the DTA cc but had 100 times the flavor and texture. These little jewels where airy and floating with flavor. The icing was fresh and creamy. The chocolate rich and the vanilla was bold. They were simple and honest cupcakes with not a lot of fanfare (they did have pink white and red sprinkles on the rims) that delivered on the promise of cupcake.

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                                          I honestly can't believe that. We have had the cupcakes from there over 2 dozen times nad not once were any of the flavers uneven or the frostings greasy. I guess you got the only bad batch ever to come from there. Plus, anybody we ever brought them to absolutely loves them also.

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                                            Always a difference of opinion on Chowhound I guess...

                                            I found the cupcakes at Betty to be uninspired, small and overpriced. And Downtown Atlantics to be consistently perfect.

                                            Tomato, tomahto I guess.

                                          2. I agree (for the most part) with the notion that Downtown Atlantic ain't all that. I tried the coconut cupcake and agree the frosting was a little light and greasy (the coconut however was delightfully crunchy and chewy). The Red Velvet was good but the cake I had was a bit dry inside. The winner, however, was the Devil's Food (the one that looks like a Hostess cupcake). That one gets high marks. The frosting was hard (in a good way) and the filling (which is probably the same as the frosting on top of the coconut- go figure) worked great with the cake. Still...I like the Brooklyn Blackout from Two Red Hens the best (or Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the city).

                                            1. No I was not the only one to get a bad batch - before I went there I had friend tell me the their cupcakes where bad. She lives above DTA and so she really gave them a try more than once and everytime was unhappy. But I gave them a try because of the high recommendations.

                                              1. ok, i'll chime in here to say that we bought cupcakes a few weeks ago and at least one of them was dry (the vanilla cake one ...which is my favorite) and just not good. the chocolate one was much more moist. they are behemoths!
                                                i am a vanilla cupcake addict. today i indulged in one from tea lounge that was not one of the huge ones nor a mini but what we used to call a regular sized cupcake. it had a wrapper on it that said 'crumb' so maybe that's the bakery? i am going to go ask them but wowowwowowow...it was very very good. the cake part is more important to me than the icing part. i want some icing with a big bite of cake. a lot of cupcakes these days is a huge bite of icing with less cake. not my thing. this one had it balanced very very well.

                                                a few weeks ago, i got a cupcake at dean and deluca in manhattan but it said that the bakery was called 'sage' in brooklyn. i haven't found them yet. anyone ever heard of them?

                                                1. I also agree with Ljubitca, there is nothing special about downtown atlantic. A cupcake from them was one of my 1st purchases when I moved to the neighborhood bc they look so appealing from the window. they were blah. Maybe keeping cupcakes in direct sunlight isn't good for them? Maybe the people who really love them ate some that hadn't been sitting in the window? who knows - bottom line is that I haven't wanted to try them again.