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Jan 30, 2007 10:00 AM

Fresh & Wild

OK...north east corner of Spadina and King (in the bottom of The Hudson condo) there's a place called Fresh & Wild going in....Are they something to do with Whole Foods or a stand-alone place? Anyone know?

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  1. It's a fine foods outlet which is a sister company to Whole Foods. I think it originated in the UK. I was in one in London in May. It was similar to any good whole food/nutritional products store.

    1. There is a Fresh & Wild up in the Bloor West Village. It's rather small and cramped. It'll be interesting to see what the new place is like.

      1. It's also incredibly over-priced. You can get comparable items (produce at least) at the Korean grocers in BWV for half the price.

        1. Whole Foods does have a UK operation by that name, but it is my understanding that this is a different company. You can see the logo is different from the UK logo. I did some research a few months ago when the sign first went up and and saw clues that it is owned by the same guy that has the very small market on Ave north of Dav. My bet is on Non-Whole Foods.

          I think Whole Foods messed up by not registering the name in Canada.