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Jan 30, 2007 09:56 AM

Mama's On the Half Shell - or other seafood in B-More

I've got two friends coming in from out of town this weekend who have specifically requested seafood for our night out in Baltimore. We'll be in a group that could be anywhere from 4 to 10 people (still trying to make plans clearly) and it'll be either Friday or Saturday night and the cheaper the better. Both of my friends are still grad students, so entrees under $30 is an absolute must and under $20 would really be more their speed. And if it isn't infered from the price restrictions, I'm looking for pretty casual here. This is a group of friends that don't see each other very often, so lots of talking and laughing is sure to insue. From past posts I gather that Mama's on the Half Shell is a favorite, but that they do not take reservations. Does anybody have any other suggestions? Or is the wait at Mama's not likely to be a huge issue?

Being within walking distance of bars for after dinner socializing is also a plus.

btw...I know that if I searched I could likely find more information on my own, but the search function appears to be on the fritz again.

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  1. I love Mamas and in fact I am going there tonight, the weekends can be really crowded although I think it's worth it, I have made reservations there before, did they change that policy?

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      Do they have a good bar to eat at? Do they only have beer? I only see "our beer" on the web site, no wine or liquor. Anywhere else for a good crabcake at the bar with a fancy cocktail?

      1. re: Joanie

        They have a full bar and a great house cocktail, "the orange crush" and I eat at the bar all of the time!

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        Not sure...I believe I read here that they don't take reservations, but I haven't checked that for myself yet. I was waiting until I got some confirmations from some of my friends. Most places don't take kindly to "I'd like to make a reservation for somewhere between 4 and 10 people plese." Although I now know it is actually between 6 and 10.

        Edit: Just called. They take reservations Sunday through Thursday. Definately does not help my Friday night plans.

        1. re: wawajb

          Not taking reservations on weekends is a downside, but aside from that you can't do better given your stipulations. The price is right in line with what you asked for, there are tons of bars within walking distance, and it's definitely a casual atmosphere.

          I'd let them know you're coming and how many ahead of time, but be prepared to wait.

      3. Okay, so we've decided that grabbing a drink at the bar and waiting for up to an hour for a table is definatley acceptable to us. So now our group of 6 (I finally heard back from everybody else) will definately be heading to Mama's. So any must haves? Anything to avoid?

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          The only thing I have had there that didn't thrill me was the mussels, I've had them a couple of times and the sauce (I had the white wine and cajun butter) is thrown on afterwards and not that good! Otherwise, everything else has been good!