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Jan 30, 2007 09:48 AM

Champagne Truffles

Valentine's day is coming. I just tried Marcolini's which I swear squirted champagne but I still have to give the edge to Teuscher's (Rock Center or 60th and Mad(?)). Any other contenders?

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  1. Kee's on Thompson Street! (also great here: passion fruit chocolates in the shape of a heart)

    1. Problem with Kee's is that she makes what she wants and doesn't have a set "menu" of always available choices. Is there a reason why champagne truffles are preferred? If so, then you should go where you are sure to get them.

      I'm not sure if I have seen them at Black Hound, but if so, that would be another good option. I would call first.

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        If you ask her, she might make them for you - haven't tried it, but wouldn't be surprised if she were amenable.

      2. I've had a lot of chocolates, and a lot of champagne truffles (they're one of my favorites, and I try them whenever I see new ones from chocolatiers I haven't tried yet), and it must be said that I haven't found a better champagne truffle than Teuscher's...that being said, I very much look forward to any recommendations that may prove me wrong!

        On the other end of the spectrum, I was sorely disappointed in Jacques Torres' champagne truffles. They weren't bad, per se, they were just not fantastic. I thought if they'd spent more time on the chocolate, and less time on the cutesy champagne cork shape, they'd have a better result.

        1. These guys don't have champagne truffles, but their regular truffles are delicate and lovely. A bit different than your average bon-bon style truffles.

          Debauve and Gallais
          20 East 69
          New York, NY 10021
          Madison and 5th Ave

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            Just tried Kee's champagne filled chocolate (not truffles), tira misu truffles, thai chile chocolate and creme brulle filled chocolate. Outstanding-the creme brulle is amazing!