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Mail Order Dried Bean Website Name??

I can't remember the name of the local (NoCal) place that sells dried beans. It has a really charming website.

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  1. You might be thinking of Rancho Gordo

    1. Rancho Gordo is amazing!! I order their beans all the time.

        1. Rancho Gordo also comes to the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market, if you are there.

          1. I absolutely love Rancho Gordo!

            1. Tip.... Rancho Gordo is sometimes carried at Rainbow Grocery for $1 / lb... instead of the usual $5 / lb.

              Also, buying Peruano (Mayocoba) beans in Mexican markets is a fabulous deal, whether they come from Peru or Mexico they are guaranteed to be a recent harvest.

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                Rainbow Grocery is only in SF, right? I live in Berkeley. Is there one that is easily accesible by BART? I would love to get the deal on Rancho Gordo beans and I also heard that they carry mesquite flour, which I have been looking for for quite some time.

                1. re: chemchef

                  Don't know about Berkeley... there is one in Santa Rosa

              2. chefshop.com has an excellent assortment of dried beans.

                1. Here's the link to Rancho Gordo for your reference:


                  1. i just had rancho gordo beans for breakfast today! so sad knowing the best part of my day is over.

                    1. There's also Italian Harvest.com.