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Jan 30, 2007 09:07 AM

Pozole anywhere in LA

HELP, I want to take some friends to have Pozole (preferably white, Guerreo/Michoacan style) but haven't a clue. I'm on the Westside, but don't mind driving if it's good.

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  1. It is the valley but I LOVE the Pozole at
    Dos Arbolitos Restaurant
    (818) 891-6661
    9034 Woodley Ave
    North Hills, CA 91343

    1. Talpa, on Pico in West LA.

      1. La Cabanita
        3447 N Verdugo Rd
        Glendale, CA 91208
        818) 957-2711

        Not sure if they have the kind you're looking for...

        1. Both Mi India Bonita (4731 E. Olympic Blvd., East LA, (323) 267-8505) and Tere's (5870 Melrose Ave., (323) 468-9345) have very good red pork pozole, in each case I think on Saturdays only.

          I sometimes make the white/green chili kind myself (usually using some variant of this recipe: ), but I haven't come across any place in town that makes it this way. (Not to say that it doesn't exist.)

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          1. re: David Kahn

            I agree, Mi India Bonita makes my favorite Mexican soups in town. Their style reminds me of my grandma's cooking.

          2. Loteria Grill in the Farmer's Market has a decent one. My favorite though is Tere's on Melrose. Reminds me of a rendition that a good friend of mine used to make from his mother's recipe from oaxaca.