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Jan 30, 2007 09:05 AM

Simple Zucchini Recipes, Please

I'm looking for some simple, no-fry, zucchini recipes.
In particular, I'd like recipes for, but not limited to - roasted zucchini, and zucchini parmesan.
For Zucchini Parmesan, I'm looking to replicate a dish that I was once served. Zucchini halves were topped with either ricotta, or cottage cheese, covered with a slice of melted cheese, and topped with tomatoe sauce . I'm not sure if the zucchini was par-boiled first, or if the ingredients were just put together, and baked in the oven. Does anyone have a more exact recipe for this. I enjoy eggplant parmesan, but this zucchini variation was really good, because it was nice and juicy.
Thanks so much!

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  1. I've done the baked zucchini where I cut them in half, scoop out the centers, fill w/ ricotta mix (like lasagne filling), drizzle tomato sauce over it and some mozzerella. I don't bake the zucchini first. I don't have a recipe, though but use ricotta cheese, egg, parmesan cheese and herbs in the ricotta cheese mix.

    I use zucchini as lasagne noodles, where I slice the zucchini really thin (length wise), put them on an oiled cookie tray, season and bake until slightly dried. Then I use them as the noodles.

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      1. If the zuccini was juicy, I'm guessing they may have breaded and fried first?

        1. Bzdhkap, do you have a mandoline? A couple of weeks ago I found some beautiful zucchini and bought several pounds of it. I sliced all of it lengthwise on a mandoline (not too thick, not too thin slices...when held up at one end, the slices wouldn't flop, but would curve gently, if that gives you an idea), and used most of it to make a white "lasagna" using the zucchini ribbons instead of pasta. I used a bechamel base, and leeks and wild mushrooms for the filling. After I finished assembling the lasagna I had a lot of zucchini left, so I made a quick vinaigrette using really good olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic and salt and pepper. I lined a baking sheet with foil and laid out the zucchini slices in one layer, and brushed them all over with the vinaigrette. Then I roasted them at 350 until some of the edges were crispy. Before I got a mandoline I would do this with a vegetable peeler, but the slices weren't very even.

          The lasagna was great, if just a little wet at the first serving; it didn't bother me. It had re-absorbed a lot of the moisture when I had leftovers the next day.

          The ribbons were delicious snack food.

          In looking over the dish you described that you are trying to replicate, my guess is that the zucchini was not parboiled. Zucchini is full of moisture, and becomes very juicy and tender at the slightest kiss of oven heat. If you've ever had boiled zucchini, it's just mush, and I would think that par boiling zucchini before putting it in the oven would give it too much of a head start..and will turn the veggie on the grey side too.

          1. A real quick and simple recipe is to halve the zucchini, scoop out the center, fill the center with a red pasta sauce (I like a sauce with cooked ground meat), grate the cheese of your choice on top (Romano, Parmesean, Mozzerella are all good), and bake for about 35-45 min. at 350, until the cheese is browned and the zucchini soft. Yum!

            Or one of my favorite sandwhiches is to take dark pumpernickle bread spread a thin layer of mayo on top, and then stack thin slices of zucchini and yellow squash on top of that. A little bit of a grated white cheese on top of the squash, and then broil in the middle of the oven until the cheese is melted, a separate second slice of bread is toasted, and the squash is soft. Put the empty toasted slice on top of the squash covered slice and voila!