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UN-Sceney in Culver City?

We're meeting some friends for dinner in Culver City and, being Valley dwellers, they want us to pick a place. We want someplace relatively cheap - none of your Beacons - and not too sceney - so Ford's Filling Station is out. Any suggestions?

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  1. Good and NOT a scene with prices to make your wallet purr with satiated content is Bamboo, on Venice Blvd. just a bit west of Overland on the north side of the street.


    1. While Bamboo is good, I wouldn't describe it as anywhere near cheap. You'll get a lot more bang for your buck next door at Cafe Do Brasil (though you will have to bus your own table) or at the Nepali place down the street. I like Gaby's on Venice for Middle Eastern, though the service is awful. Novocento on Main would be a a good option for Italian. Le Dijonaisse in the Helms Bakery is usually good as well.

      Search the board for Culver City, and maybe check back if you have more questions?

      1. A little far from the downtown area, but Metro Cafe (Washington/Sepulveda) has always been a favorite of mine. The ajvar spread they serve along with the bread is very addictive.

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          Oh yeah! I really liked that place when I went a couple months ago. Casual vibe, but all kinds of interesting dishes. Excellent and friendly service as well.

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            I'll third this rec, for a place I've been touting for a while (and not just me).

            Metro is interesting, casual and has very good food. The owners/staff are very helpful and friendly.

            Metro is on Washington Place (not Washington Blvd.) just east of Sepulveda on the south side of the street.

          2. Novacento is good Italian and not scene-y at all. On Main Street between Venice & Culver.

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              Oh yea, prices around $10-15 for pasta, slightly more for meat-based entrees.

            2. Tender Greens. Very high quality food, inexpensive, unsceney but next to the FFS "scene" so you can look out onto it if you want. http://www.tendergreensfood.com/

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                I just went to Tender Greens for lunch and I must say I really enjoyed it. I had a "Hot Plate" with chicken, side salad and mashed potatoes. The potatoes were really great, very good chicken. I can't wait to go back and try the salads. Many things on their menu looked great.

              2. Versailles on Venice for Cuban food.

                Another one of the "love-it or hate-it" places, but i'm firmly in the "love-it" camp. And it's not just about the chicken, they have amazing pork dishes, even tamales if i remember correctly. Bring a breath mint.

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                  And speaking of tamales, you could try Glorias on the north side of Venice in the block east of Versailles (which I "hate" for the record). She's got a narrow little restaurant squeezed into the grungiest strip mall with a rip-off tire place, liquor store, janitorial supplies and futon stores among others. Her place has a long thin sign; it's easy to miss. But she and her family are really lovely and warm and the salvadorean tamales and entrees are wonderful. Some may remember her from her days in a tiny purple stand in WLA near B,B & Beyond -- Tennessee perhaps?

                2. I like Natalee Thai on Venice. Great food though far from authentic; I suppose it'd be equidistant for you to go from SFV to Thai Town, but still. I usually order from their Robertson location, but the Culver City location is solid, too.

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                    I can say I think Natalee Thai has gone a bit downhill. The portions have gotten smaller from my previous experiences and just way too crowded for its own good.

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                      That's a shame. The Robertson location still doesn't get that crowded, but the difficulty of parking and remoteness probably lend itself to that.

                  2. Annapurna serves good South Indian food and they show a load of Bollywood videos on TVs throughout the restaurant, so it has built-in entertainment...