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Jan 30, 2007 08:37 AM

4 Day Survey of Atlanta Restaurants

I am spending 4 days in Atlanta in a couple of weeks and am seeking recommendations for great food. I am looking for places located in either Downtown, Mid-Town, Little 5 Points, or Virginia-Highlands in the following categories:

1) Local coffeehouse/bakery.

2) Southern breakfast joint.

3) Casual moderately-priced neighborhood places.

4) Trendy new restaurant everyone is talking about.

If any of the above are gay or gay-friendly, even better.


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  1. 1) Gathering Grounds in Kirkwood.

    2) The Flying Biscuit - there's one in Candler Park and one in Midtown. Murphy's in Virginia Highlands (Va.Hi.) has one of the best brunches in town!

    3) Sabroso - tapas in Little 5. The Universal Joint - burgers, etc. in Oakhurst Village. Noche - tapas in Va.Hi. Feast in Decatur.

    4) Ecco in Midtown.

    I would say that all of these places are gay-friendly.

    1. 1) Alon's in VaHi

      2) Silver Skillet in Midtown or Rea's Bluebird in Grant Park (strongly disagree with recommendation of Flying Biscuit---it used to be good, but hasn't been in a long time, and in any case isn't particularly southern)

      3) Taqueria del Sol in Decatur, Pura Vida in Poncey-Highland, Sala in VaHi (again, strong disagreement on Noche), Babette's in Poncey-Highland

      4) Any of the restaurants in the Concentrics Group (Trois, Two Urban Licks, One Midtown Kitchen), Rathbun's, Quinones (if you've lots of cash to drop)

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        I agree with Therese to stay away from Flying Biscuit. It's unfortunately become a see-and-be-seen kind of place. The food is mediocre at best.

      2. 1.) I don't drink coffee, but there are a ton of coffee houses out there. When I pick up breakfast for the office, I do run by Einsteins and everyone is pleased.

        2.) I agree with Campbella. Thumbs up Diner is good also. Silver Skillet has some good grub.

        3.) Colannade on Cheshire Bridge, Havanna Sandwich on Buford Hwy, Fuzzy's Place on N.Druid Hills rd.

        4.) Trois

        These are all gay friendly, most places in Atlanta are!

        1. An additional restaurant in the (3) category: Watershed in Decatur.

          You'll notice that a lot of us are including Decatur in your catchment area, as it's got a lot of good restaurants.

          Also, if you're wanting to do a culinary tour of Atlanta you should really make a point (if you can) of visiting some of the markets. Your Dekalb Farmers Market (which is not a farmers market) is a great example, but there are also lots of ethnic markets. Also lots of great ethnic restaurants, but very few of them in your original catchment area (rents too high).

          1. A couple more options for the (3) category: The Globe in Midtown and Shawn's in Inman Park (which is adjacent to L5P).