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Jan 30, 2007 08:33 AM

Indigenous treats?

There was a thread recently about bringing something "LA" to out-of-towners (SF I think), but I can't find the thread. Anyway, my question is a little different with apologies if it's been contemplated; can't find it in the archives.

*IS* there anything light-weight, interesting, tasty, and LA-ish to bring to out-of-towners? I think the lemons I haul along from the backyard are getting old, and are hardly light-weight besides (ours are 6"d minimum). Someone just mentioned "going to Surfas". but that's a tad inspecific. Besides, most of that stuff is interesting but not especially endemic. See's chocolates doesn't qualify because they're heavy, big and gross. My brilliant attempt at bringing Jin pastries ("cakes") was a complete disaster (posted elsewhere).

Anyone have some other suggestions? I'd appreciate especially locations on the westside for my imminent departure, but for the future, I'd also love to hear about portable, unique delicacies that are more far-flung too.

TIA hounds!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm not sure how well they travel, but when I think of LA, I would think of In N Out burgers, Philippe's French Dip sandwiches, Roscoe's chicken n waffles, or maybe some good vietnamese pho...actually come to think of it, I'm sure they won't travel well.

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        OK, In 'n' Out Burgers, French Dips and Roscoes would not travel well... But pho? It's soup. Throw it in a thermos and you can carry it whereever. If you're worried about the noodles, you could take them out and put in a tupperware.

      2. La brea bread?

        Breadbar bread?

        How about dates from the Santa MOnica Farmer's market?

        What about a cookbook by a famous LA chef like Goin or someone?

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        1. re: Diana

          La Brea bread is everywhere now - last time I was in Nashville they had it at Harris-Teeter!

        2. OK, what's Vietnamese pho? I am sure the question marks me for chowhound infamy. And I've little doubt it won't travel well, but its' obviously something I need to know more about anon! Thanks! And the LA chef cookbook is a great idea; thanks. Though I think only 6 people in America ever actually cook anymore.

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          1. re: aliris

            Pho is the marvelous Vietnamese beef soup (though there's also a chicken version called pho ga). Here's a link:

            If you want to try some pho (and on a cold day like this one, I would think that you would), let us know where in the LA-area you reside and I'm sure someone can point you toward a bowl of steaming goodness.

            Speaking of which, I think I'll have some for lunch.

            1. re: ElsieDee

              I think I'll have some for dinner! ;-)

          2. I second the dates proposal. I'd say bring some Medjool. I alawys bring back some of them to France, because they are so plump and fresh here and in France they are always too dry.
            if it helps, when I get back home to Paris, I bring in addition to the aforementioned dates:
            dried black mission figs, meyer lemons, dried chiles, blue corn masa. I once brought
            back some tomatillos.