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Jan 30, 2007 08:30 AM

Brooklyn's Chinatown help please!

hey, i live in carroll gardens on the F. i am always searching around for good quality Chinese food AND good quality Chinese-American, neither of which can be found in or anywhere near my neighborhood. far as i can tell. but i have also heard people speak of Brooklyn's Chinatown (s?). i want in. please. i know Flushing is supposed to have some solid sstuff, and of course manhattan has tons...but what about the King's favorite borough? anyone in the know at all, please lend a helping hand. thanks.

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  1. Take the D to 9th Avenue, walk one block west and you'll find it all on 8th Avenue. We tend to shop at the fish markets, but I've heard Northern Dumpling at 49th Street is worth a stop.

    Hop on the train and check it out... I'm sure you'll find something that suits you if you start exploring.

    1. sounds good. think ill take the N down to 8th ave and go from there but same deal. cool, any other restaraunt recommendations would be highly appreciated. cmon, i know some hound out there has gotta know some hardcore joints that i wouldnt find on my own...

      1. We go to Ave U between Coney Island Ave and Ocean Ave. The ducks are in the window. Dim Sum every day, can't get near the places on the weekend. Lunch is filled with locals and hardly a white face besides mine.

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          At the upper end of Brooklyn Chinatown (near 60th st and the N train)is an amazing supermarket with food from all over the world and especially Asia. Across the street is a big restaurant with two stone lions out front. THis is a pretty good dim sum place. I have eaten there many times. I hear that World Tong in Bensonhurst is amazing, but it's hard for me to get there without a car.

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            World Tong is two blocks away from the R or N train (I forget which)
            and just fyi, the nabe is New Utrecht

            ben, search this board -- there's been steady Sunset Park Chinatown posting, for Vietnamese and Chinese food

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                WT is awesome, was there last weekend - snails are dynamite.

                The train is the N.

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                I think that would be Hong Kong Supermarket and Diamond on Eight (sic) Restaurant.

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                  Could you be a little more specific re the address (for World Tong)? That's looks like it's within walking distance of my mother's apt, who I'll be visiting next month. (But if I go w/Mom, I'd have to drive, as she doesn't walk too well.) Are they open for lunch? Thanks.

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                    World Tong opens at 7am I think - it's dim sum breakfast/lunch hours, and dinner later.
                    just Google it for the address!

                      1. re: Chandavkl

                        Thanks for the address.

                        pitu, the nabe isn't New Utrecht, it's Bensonhurst. (I grew up on 14th Ave/56 St, 1 block from NU Ave. where Mom still lives, which is Boro Park.) It's walkable for me, but not for Mom. I'll see how the week goes and if she's up to it.

                2. Great news that World Tong is so close to the subway. Thanks. Is it as good as they say? I heard that the chef left recently.

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                    i only started going within the last year, so i can't compare to what might have been the glory days but it's my favorite by far for quality and variety. however, you need to be there by 10.30 or so on the weekends or else you'll wait in line (a restive, cramped line). no matter what time, the place will be jammed. the noise and crowded conditions on our last visit actually bothered my bf so much that he said in future he'd prefer to try other places, but i'm willing to put up with it. we tried ming gee on our last outing, and while it was fine the whole time i kept wishing we were at wt.

                    1. re: wleatherette

                      What about for dinner? I'm thinking of stopping off at World Tong and getting dinner for takeout on the way home from a rehearsal a bit further down the N line. How do all you hounds feel about the quality of their dinner?

                  2. Pacificana is pretty good. I had a great squid dish and dim sum over there. They're on 55th and 8th Ave on top of the bank. The entrance is on 55th. Northern Dumpling is good. There's another place that makes pretty good meals in a noodle soup on 8th Ave near the upper 40's. It's a shack and I forget the name...can anyone help..I believe the name starts with a "D". And then the big place on 7th Ave and 60th. The exterior is claded in black marble. They have good Sunday dim-sum. You might also want to check out the big Turkish supermarket on the corner of 8th Ave and 60th as well as some of the Polish delis on 8th Ave between 45th Street and 50th Streets.