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Good grilled cheese in SoHo?

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In the mood for a good grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today. Where can I get a good one in SoHo/Upper TriBeCa?


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    1. re: Lucia

      Yeah, Bread is probably your best bet in that area. The sandwiches are great.

    2. For a non-gourmet, greasy diner-style American cheese version I recommend Square Diner.
      For something more upscale, Wichcraft has some melted cheese variations.

      1. bar 89 on mercer makes a good one as well. they have a great aged white cheddar.

        1. Definately Bar 89! Served with waffle fries, freash fruit and veggies.

          1. you can get delivery from Grey dog, their grill cheese rocks or walk over to ino if you are in west soho

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            1. The 3 Cheese Panini w/ Truffle oil at 'ino is not a "traditional" grilled cheese sandwich. However it is a sandwich with cheese and it is grilled and it will make you so happy that you will want to pay me many American dollars for telling you about it. 'ino is a great place all around but with so many options on the menu it may have take a while to get around to this one. Stop waiting and order it now.

              This is absolutely the best grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had. Second place goes to the one I make at home with thin seven grain bread, 3 gooey slices of muenster and a ton of butter in the pan (served with ketchup, tomato soup and coke in a can).