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Jan 30, 2007 08:05 AM

5th Elementt??

Recently received an internet 2 for 1 offer(thru menu palace) on the prix fixe menu at 5th Elementt and wondered if anyone has tried this restaurant..on Bay near Wellesley? Menu sounds interesting and 2 for 1 makes it INCREDIBLY cheap so am sceptical???

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  1. I walk by everyday on the way home and never see any life in the place. Many places have dies in that location. Think they are trying to be an even venue.

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    1. re: OnDaGo

      It does seem to be an ill-fated location, which is odd, given that Bistro 990 is just across the street.

      1. re: antirealist

        no, bistro 990 is across the street from one of the top hotels is Toronto, giving them a built in client base and in a quaintold building attached to public parking. 5th Element is in the bottom of a condo behind a fountain across from the university with no real parking. A block makes a big difference...

    2. Where did you find the coupon, or can it be emailed to share?

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        Visit the link below and I believe you should be eligible for the dinner for 2 @ $30.

      2. that location scares me -- there is NEVER anyone in there, regardless of the restaurant name on the sign. could it be the bermuda triangle?

        1. I looked at their website, they also have a $15 prix fixe lunch menu. Some of the menu choices sound a bit odd, I guess its Indian Fusion or something but some combinations are a bit peculiar. Now I'm curious, wonder if its any good. I also wonder if its hard to see if anyone is in there from the street since it is so set back. They've been in business for at least a year I think, could they stay open that long if no one ever ate there?

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            I just read in another thread that the owner of this place is the former owner of Banjara, which according to the board was quite good. So, anyone tried 5th element yet????

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              As far as I know, no one has yet replied to me, stating that they have been there. I am possibly going on Feb 24, will post a critique afterwards if so.

          2. I was invited to their grand opening reception last year. The deco was nice. There was free flow of wine. However, for food, there were only 2 finger food (tandoor chicken & 1 snack food which I don't remember). Both were in very limited quantity & tasted bland.
            I wonder why they invited a lot of guest & provided them with food that would discourage them to come back for a meal.
            I haven't been there since.