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Jan 30, 2007 07:53 AM

New Office Eats? - TRIBECA

Our office recently moved to Tribeca, and save for Chinatown, no one has any idea where to head come lunch time. To be more specific we are in the former AT&T building at 32 Avenue of the Americas, which is just south of Canal. Southern edge Soho areas would definitely be doable from here as well.

We'd love to have any recommendations for good sandwich places, or hidden gems to grab some lunch to bring back to the office. While we like to go out once in a while for a real sit-down lunch on Friday afternoons, we're mostly looking for cheap options in the neighborhood.

Also, any one have some insights into the best Chinese options. There're are so many, one doesn't know where to begin.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    1. My current favorite is 'WichCraft on Greenwich and Beach and they have free delivery as far down as Chambers street!

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        And I forgot.... South's which is on Church probably just across the street from you is tasty as is Provence for buns.

      2. I used to work down there and I still miss Columbine on West Broadway (just south of N. Moore). They have awesome sandwiches, better soups, and the cowboy cookie is amazing. I am jealous of your location. Also Bazzini's on Greenwich is good with a huge variety of sandwiches, salads, and sushi.

        1. my spouse works near there too and they go to MOONCAKE a lot.

          1. Provence on Church and White is hopping. Get two little mini sandwiches for $5.00.

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              I haven't been, but just to clarify, I think you mean Province. Provence is a French restaurant in Soho that is scheduled to reopen under the Five Points/Cookshop crew.