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Cannolis Weymouth

I have been around the food business for a while so I know that chefs can be, shall we say, "eccentric." Luckily, this can be somewhat mitigated by the service oriented manager/owner. The problem with Cannolis is that the surly chef is also the owner. "Pretentious" harldy begins to describe this man's attitude. For starters, realize that this restaurant is in Weymouth (not New York or Paris), and I went there in a hooded sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers (not even business casual!). My girlfriend and I started off with a butternut squash appetizer which was actually pretty good. For dinner she ordered a greek salad with chicken, olives on the side (so I could have them). I ordered the gnocchi. Being my first time at this restaurant, I asked for the basil sauce which it came with on the side, and also a side of marinara (in order to try as many different aspects of the fare as possible). The food came with no olives and no basil sauce: teh chef refused. The waitress informed us that he was willing to drop the olives on top of the salad if we wanted, but would not drop them into a ramikin, or drop them on the side of the plate (note: the dressing was served in a ramekin on the side). Apparantly he was similarly so upset at my request for multiple sauces that he decided to "punish" me by putting an althogether different sauce on my potato pasta. Don't get me wrong, the food was fine, but certainly not better that Capone's (a mile down the road). Keep in mind this is not Park No. 9 we are talking about; Cannolis is more akin to The 99. Do not waste your time or money on this place.

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  1. I can't believe they dumped all that money into that building. That plot of land is doomed, it should be razed and turned into a graveyard.

    1. Thank you for the warning. I was just speaking to someone who was working here and raved about the restaurant so my husband and I were going to try it. I won't waste my time now.

      1. Canolli's used to be located on the Braintree/Weymouth line, and was excellent as more of a take out place. They relocated to their new location only a month ago. I had heard they were having some hiccups. Hopefully they straighten it out, as I have been missing their red sauce for a while now.

        1. Don't get me wrong; the food is fine. But if you are going out to eat and spending your hard earned money, do you really want to have a perfectly reasonable request denied by the chef for no apparant reason? It just seems silly...

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            I can understand that. It's like the soup nazi all over again. You're lucky he didnt say, "No pasta for you, one year!" Hmmm..I wonder if they still do take out. Boy, their lasagna was one of my favorites!

          2. i went there when they opened and the bartender (i think hes from holland) he had no clue how to even make a drink. I mean they are charging $7 for a glass of wine and who knows what for a mixed drink and someone ordered a black russian and bartender had to ask "whats in it" I ordered the pizza - that was a fiasco asked at bar if i could order food to go and he said yes, so i looked over menu and decided on a pizza and then he said i have to go over to restuarant to order the pizza from a take out window, so i did that waited for 5 minutes no one came to take order so went back to bar and told my wife that we just get pizza somewhere else, so bartender heard that and called manager over and took my order and got our pizza and I would take Capones pizza any day of the year over Cannoli's. The pizza at Cannolis was mediocre at best and also the credit card thing almost had me screwed, they type it "no credit cards accepted" in fine print on back of the menu so very easy to overlook. It's 5 minutes from my house and I can think of Capones has better food and they know how to make a drink, also the Jackson Square tavern is an excellent choice and their pizza is also superior to Cannolis. Me and my wife will not be back. My prediction, they will be closed within a year.

            1. I work down the street and have been monitoring the construction of the mystery for what seems a lifetime now. I finally learned that the new emphorium would be calledCannoli's. Canolli's? Just in name sake it suspect in itself. I finally took a minute to stop in on my way home one night and sat at the bar for a gingerale. I was greeted by a friendly bartender and offered a menu which I scanned with curiousity. Without intention of oredering any food, I returned it to the bartender and ordered a gingerale with a lime. I sipped my soft drink as I took the place in. Little flashy, but not horrible. I do interiors, including dining establishments to expain my curiousity. When my glass was empty, the bartender offered to refill my gingerale but I declined and pulled out my trusty AMX card as I had no cash at the time (maybe $1.00 and some change. He apollogized that they were not set up to acept credit cards as the equipment had not arrived as of yet (???) and directed me to the ATM machine. I reluctantly withdrew some cash, while incurring a $2.00 transaction fee, paid for my $1.75 (I believe that was the price) gingerale and left a $1.00 tip. My innitial curiosity and my soft drink ran me about $5.00 net. Now, maybe it's just me, but if a bartender...a new bartender, whom I would think would be interested in developing repore and long term regular customers, MIGHT have said..."I'm sure you didn't realize that we didn't accept credit cards...don't worry about the gingerale, come back and visit us again." Guess not! I attribute his behaivor to management, ownership attitude and training. I might not be being completely fair...but I'm done. Inexperience is very transparent in the food/service industry. I'm just not willing to gamble when I already have my favorite establishments in order. Had the bartender offered to comp the gingerale, he would have earned my lone dollar, change in my pocket and what ever else I could have scrounged out of car's console. Too bad.

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                  There were no cars in the parking lot last night at 8 o'clock. I was wondering when I drove by if they'd close permanently.

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                  I came here trying to find what happened to this restaurant as they appear to have closed, as many of you have predicted/hoped but I feel the need to respond to this particular post. Since this post is over 3 years old I fear my effort will fall on deaf ears but here goes.

                  First had you given the restaurant a real chance and ordered food you may have found that the food was quiet good.

                  I must agree with you that the owners refusal to accept credit cards was a huge mistake, that said I feel compelled to educate you on credit card processing fees. As a small business owner I am familiar with the costs of running credit cards and try to educate everyone I encounter just how much the credit card companies rape us all. Do you have any idea what processing fees cost the merchant and ultimately the consumer? Credit card processing companies will tell you that the fee is 'only' 1.XX% (actually AMX is considerably higher, last I checked was around 2.5%). So your $1.75 purchase would cost the merchant a few pennies, right? WRONG! The processing company has a fee per swipe of the card that is usually $.25 or $.30 or more, which I must add skyrockets if the magnetic strip has failed and the number needs to be 'keyed in', so your purchase is now costing the merchant around... lets say $.35, right? Wrong again because they have a minimum transaction fee that amounts to a dollar or more depending on the processing company. THEN there are statement fees and other fees and lets not forget that the machine that swipes the card cost about $1k to purchase or if rented is $100+ per month. So your $1.75 transaction would ultimately cost the merchant MORE to process than your $1.75 purchase. This is why you will see signs in a lot of stores setting minimum credit card purchases. I think if more consumers were made aware just how much the convenience of using their credit card actually cost them they would see just how much less it would cost us all if we would go back to using cash.

                  So in short PLEASE for the sake of all consumers and small business owners carry SOME cash in your pocket. I personally feel naked if I am out and do not have at least 20 bucks in my pocket. Next time you find yourself reaching for your prized AMX card remember the merchant and pull out some cash instead.

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                    My guess is that a high percentage of the people here are aware of the credit card charges incurred by the business. And if the poster wanted to eat there, well, then he would use the ATM. For $1.75, the customer was left w. a bad feeling, and the restaurant lost business. Sometimes, one just doesn't have any $$ in one's pockets.
                    As for the chef / owner attitude, people will decide whether they want to put up w. it or not. Some places survive in spite of the chef / owner.

                3. I get the sense that each of the reviewers here has an ax to grind. The food at Cannoli's, as it was at Euro Trattoria, is very good. Unfortunately, the chef/owner is a bit of a character - he's a bit old-fashioned (he won't accept credit cards but has an ATM in the building - wonder whether he's reporting all of his income) and he's inflexible when it comes to making reasonable changes to menu items (e.g. the olives on the side mentioned by another reviewer or their unwillingness to serve pasta with the saltimbocca).

                  I've had the penne arrabiatta several times and it's excellent. A friend really enjoyed the linguine with white clam sauce.

                  Bottom line: if you can order off the menu without making changes, the food is worth the annoyance of putting up with the owner's nonsense.

                  As far as the location goes: the pond-side location would seem like an excellent one for a restaurant. I'm surprised that the previous attempts have failed. Given how I feel about the food, I hope that this attempt succeeds.

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                    Wow, I've been there a few times and the food is always awesome - it's the best pasta bolognese I've ever had. I've even gone for lunch and the bolognese isn't on the menu then, and 2x the chef (maybe it wasn't the owner) made it for me. Taking no credit cards is a bummer but if you know ahead of time I guess it's ok. Everyone my husband and I have taken there really loves the food - the atmosphere is kind of like a cafeteria, I wish that was better but the view is beautiful. If you haven't been there, give it a try yourself (just bring cash).

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                      I can't see why this wasn't on the menu if the chef made it for you. Bolognese isn't something you throw together and have on a plate in 20 minutes.

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                        I have no axe to grind. I simply gave my opinion of my one and only one experience in this place they call a restaurant. I live and work in Weymouth and drive by this place at least 4 - 5 times a day and 90% of the time that parking lot is at about 10 - 25% capacity. I base my opinion on my initial experience in a restaurant, very seldom give a place a 2nd chance as I feel in any restaurant the customer is top priority and should be treated as such. There are many restaurants to spend my hard earned money in so why would I waste my time going back to a place that was so disappointing. You want Italian go to Venetian or even the Jackson Square Tavern in Weymouth. The atmosphere is better and service is much better in both places or go up the street to Nino's in Hingham or Rustic Kitch or Bertrams in Hinham, again a much better ambience and they all accept credit cards. I still stick to my projection that this place will be closed soon, just drive by the place and see their 75% empty parking lot or perhaps everyone walks there?

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                          I heard last night this this dump is up for sale (again) - About the only surprise there is that it took this long. There a re fewer and fewer cars everytime i drive bye this place and my guess is the cars that are there are the employees. What a shame to throw all that money into this restaurant. I think it's time to tear it down and put up condo's on the water. It's a shame I had initial hopes when this dump was closed for so long during the renovation but as stated back in February the place was a major dissapointment from my original experience and I have known personally at least 10 other couples who tried this dump and said they would not be back for various reasons. I also discouraged at least 25 people from even trying this place based on my experience. Happy Holidays