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Jan 30, 2007 07:52 AM

Cannolis Weymouth

I have been around the food business for a while so I know that chefs can be, shall we say, "eccentric." Luckily, this can be somewhat mitigated by the service oriented manager/owner. The problem with Cannolis is that the surly chef is also the owner. "Pretentious" harldy begins to describe this man's attitude. For starters, realize that this restaurant is in Weymouth (not New York or Paris), and I went there in a hooded sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers (not even business casual!). My girlfriend and I started off with a butternut squash appetizer which was actually pretty good. For dinner she ordered a greek salad with chicken, olives on the side (so I could have them). I ordered the gnocchi. Being my first time at this restaurant, I asked for the basil sauce which it came with on the side, and also a side of marinara (in order to try as many different aspects of the fare as possible). The food came with no olives and no basil sauce: teh chef refused. The waitress informed us that he was willing to drop the olives on top of the salad if we wanted, but would not drop them into a ramikin, or drop them on the side of the plate (note: the dressing was served in a ramekin on the side). Apparantly he was similarly so upset at my request for multiple sauces that he decided to "punish" me by putting an althogether different sauce on my potato pasta. Don't get me wrong, the food was fine, but certainly not better that Capone's (a mile down the road). Keep in mind this is not Park No. 9 we are talking about; Cannolis is more akin to The 99. Do not waste your time or money on this place.

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  1. I can't believe they dumped all that money into that building. That plot of land is doomed, it should be razed and turned into a graveyard.

    1. Thank you for the warning. I was just speaking to someone who was working here and raved about the restaurant so my husband and I were going to try it. I won't waste my time now.

      1. Canolli's used to be located on the Braintree/Weymouth line, and was excellent as more of a take out place. They relocated to their new location only a month ago. I had heard they were having some hiccups. Hopefully they straighten it out, as I have been missing their red sauce for a while now.

        1. Don't get me wrong; the food is fine. But if you are going out to eat and spending your hard earned money, do you really want to have a perfectly reasonable request denied by the chef for no apparant reason? It just seems silly...

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            I can understand that. It's like the soup nazi all over again. You're lucky he didnt say, "No pasta for you, one year!" Hmmm..I wonder if they still do take out. Boy, their lasagna was one of my favorites!

          2. i went there when they opened and the bartender (i think hes from holland) he had no clue how to even make a drink. I mean they are charging $7 for a glass of wine and who knows what for a mixed drink and someone ordered a black russian and bartender had to ask "whats in it" I ordered the pizza - that was a fiasco asked at bar if i could order food to go and he said yes, so i looked over menu and decided on a pizza and then he said i have to go over to restuarant to order the pizza from a take out window, so i did that waited for 5 minutes no one came to take order so went back to bar and told my wife that we just get pizza somewhere else, so bartender heard that and called manager over and took my order and got our pizza and I would take Capones pizza any day of the year over Cannoli's. The pizza at Cannolis was mediocre at best and also the credit card thing almost had me screwed, they type it "no credit cards accepted" in fine print on back of the menu so very easy to overlook. It's 5 minutes from my house and I can think of Capones has better food and they know how to make a drink, also the Jackson Square tavern is an excellent choice and their pizza is also superior to Cannolis. Me and my wife will not be back. My prediction, they will be closed within a year.