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Coffee - King and University

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I'm trying to think of a place to meet someone for coffee around King and University - perhaps north to Queen. I can't picture what coffee shops are around there. Doesn't have to be anything fancy and not necessarily only a coffee shop but somewhere where you can sit and have only coffee.

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. there's a starbucks on the NE corner a few steps North

    1. Maybe too far, but Le Gourmand is on the corner of Richmond and Spadina...

      1. there is a spot called cafe supreme on the west side of university on the south side of wellington - they have a pretty decent space, comfy chairs etc. better than the starbucks that was mentioned

        1. There are nice chairs at the Second Cup on the southeast corner of University and Adelaide.

          1. What about going to Mercatto on Victoria just east of Yonge & King?

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Does anyone know if the Queen Mother Cafe is the type of place you can go and sit and have coffee (perhaps something else, but maybe not)?

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                totally, if you're not going at meal time -- it's dead there mid-afternoon (I gotta say though, the coffee isn't that great, you might be better off with a glass of wine)