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Jan 30, 2007 07:07 AM

Veal Saltimbocca (won't break the bank?)

Hi all,

my boyfriend and I want to go to dinner at an italian restaurant that isn't too expensive ($15 per entree, approx). Ideally it would be a place with some goooood veal saltimboca. any thoughts (preferably in/near the east village)? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Lupa! Outstanding but not for $15 unfortunately, ($17 actually, just checked the menu)- and its pork not veal, but it is definitely outstanding!

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    1. re: howardthefoodie

      HAHA..I think $17 will be ok. If not, I'll take out a loan : ) Thanks for the rec! Unfortunately, we have to be pretty flexible with time, and I know Lupa will be booked, if not closed when we make it to dinner (probably not until 10ish)

    2. Cacio E Pepe is a nice little Roman restaurant in the EV that has great moderately priced pasta and an inventive Saltimbocca made with monkfish.

        1. re: hamstrman

          It generally refers to how the veal is served, in most cases saltimbocca simply means the veal is wrapped or topped with prosciutto and sage in a wine sauce although there are quite a few variations. Any place that serves veal, which is most Italian restaurants in the city, will prepare it for you upon request. As far as the OP, if you want to try something besides veal, I would second the recommendation for the monkfish saltimbocco at Cacio e pepe.

          1. re: bobby06877

            I would definitely rather go to Cacio e pepe, but my boyfriend specifically requested veal saltimbocca and (just this once!) I want to accomodate him exactly. (He is not as much of a 'hound as I am, so I am always making him try variations on dishes he likes. I figure he should give him a freebie every once in awhile ; ))

            However, I had no idea that most restaurants that offer veal will prepare veal saltimbocca upon request! good to know...

            1. re: Melanie

              Crispo offers veal saltimbocco as part of their main menu. I have not personally tried it since I have never been able to order anything other than their pasta. It is a little above your price range but less than $20.00. You do not want to eat cheap veal. It is a great place that I am sure you will enjoy.

        2. I would also be careful of the saltimbocca at many lower end restaurants. I have found that the sauce is often an over reduced sticky mess. Melanie, i strongly suggest going to Lupa. Depending on the day of the week, you might be able to secure a seat at the bar easily. Just a few thoughts. By the way, if you do find another great place, please let us know!!!

          1. Hi all,

            we ended up going to Il Bagatto on 2nd street between A and B (close to home, which was appealing). The Saltimbocca was quite good, I thought (then again, I had never had it before). My boyfriend enjoyed it as well. I got the seafood pasta, which was delicious! It was in a light tomato sauce and came with a fair amount of shrimp, baby scallops, clams, squid and mussels. Our appetizer was some kind of bean dish. I didnt think it was that impressive, but Justin really liked it. All of that and two drinks came out to approx. $70 before tip.

            Thanks for all the recommendations. I will keep these on my list!