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Bears-friendly Place to Watch Super Bowl?

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Dear Hounds--

Does anyone in Chowland know of a good place in Manhattan to watch the superbowl with a group of friends? By "good," I mean "constitutionally disposed to favor the Chicago Bears." (Does the word have any other meanings?) Have been in search of such a place for many moons now. Any and all help greatly appreciated.


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  1. The Gael Pub, 3rd Ave at 83rd Street. http://www.thegaelpubnyc.com/
    Fun place. According to the web site "Get there early for the Outdoor cafe
    pre-game tailgate party w/Grilled food available Chicago style menu" Have fun!

    1. I've been dying to find a Chicago bar in the city. There are Texas, A&M even Auburn bars in the city. There has to be a bar where Midwestern expats can go too. Still not sure where, though. Someone told me to try going to Uno's, but I doubt any Chicagoan stuck in this blighted town would step foot in an Uno's.

      1. There was a small list of bars in a recent Time Out Magazine for this same thing. I know The Gael Pub was mentioned.

        Maybe it's archived on their website?

        1. i suppose the indy rallying point would be applebees?

          baa dump. tiiing!

          1. definitely Gael Pub...the NYC Bears Meetup Group is doing it there

            1. I hear that Gael Pub is pretty small. Does anyone know what the vibe/crowd is like? Back in Chicago we have bars for pretty much any college team and they'll pack a place like the Gin Mill with crowds rooting for MSU. I kind of want to find that here.

              Any other bars in the city where I can hear people say "dis," "dere" and "dat"?

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                I wouldn't say The Gael is small. It's not huge by any means but it's a decent sized place. There are some stand alone tables in the front and a few booths in the back. It's only about a year old and it's very clean and comfortable. I can't say what the crowd will be like on Game day, but it normally has a mixed crowd. I think it's owned by the same people that own Trinity on 84th. Now Trinity, if you've ever been there, is what I'd call small. The Gael is at least 3 times the size of Trinity.

                Another option might be the new Johnny Fox's on 2nd Ave and 81st (give or take a block). I stopped int here Sat night and was pretty impressed with the on-tap selection as well as the size of the place and the number of flat-screens.

                Hope this helps.