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Jan 30, 2007 03:24 AM

Okonomiyaki, kushiage & inakaya in Tokyo

Am heading to Tokyo on Friday and have got some really useful information off the boards here. There are a few types of Japanese cuisine that I am still looking for recommendations and was wondering if there were any places that anyone could recommend around the Shibuya, Roppongi or Shinjuku areas. Or are these foods "simple" enough that anywhere would be good.

For Okonomiyaki, I am looking for somewhere where it's cooked for me not DIY.

For Inakaya, I know there is a restaurant by the same name in Roppongi but it seems to be a tourist trap. Anywhere that is a more authentic inakaya?

BTW, is robatayaki and hibachi the same? Was just wondering...


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  1. There is a great Hiroshima style okonomiyaki place in Shibuya. If you head out the Hachiko exit and go toward the Tokyu Dept Store and Bunkamura you will get to it. As you come around the corner on the the left side of the street (opposite Tokyu) you will pass a brightly lighted discount shop call Don Quixote and then you should see the shop, which is on the second floor. It is called Shichifukujin 七福神 and is only open for dinner. The menu may only be in Japanese as I recall but everything they serve is good. I like mochi and garlic in mine.