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Jan 30, 2007 02:55 AM

Bologna - don't break the bank dinner

Will be in Bologna in a couple of weeks and looking for in-town suggestions for dinner.

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  1. I loved both Gianni and Da Cesari. I did a report on them; see if you can find it with a search on International board.

    1. Go to Via delle Belle Arti by the university and five minutes walk from the Due Torri. You'll find plenty to choose from.

      If you want a great little enoteca, go to via Caduti di Cefalonia across the street form Piazza Maggiore. You'll pass an Irish pub on the right. When the street ends, take a right and it is a few steps away on the right next to the tower.

      An great casual place is Osteria dell'Orso. It is by Via delle Belle Arti. It's either on Viccolo de'Facchini or Via Mentana. Just ask around. Get whatever pasta of the day they have and the house wine.

      1. There have been a number of good posts about Bologna here over the past few years. If you do a Search, you should be able to pull them up. Trattoria da Boni is a good option for a traditional Bolognese dinner at a reasonable price.

        1. a second vbote for Da Cesare