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Jan 30, 2007 02:33 AM

Where can I get hold of Banana leaves in the UK

Hi there,

I found this recipe for Mayan-Style Pot Pork here on Chowhound. It wants you to use one large banana leaf for cooking it.

Does anyone know where in the UK I can get hold of banana leafs? I live in Reading so getting to/from London is no problem either.

Thanks in advance, Mike

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  1. yes I wanna know too, my 2 local thai supermarkets don't sell em

    1. I've seen them near me (not lately so don't get excited) I live near Lewisham so there's a nig West Indian community - I guess that's what you're looking for. But like I say I haven't seen them lately - but then I haven't been looking!

      1. I got a trip to Borough Market planned for this Saturday. I guess that could be a good start. Since we got quite a large Caribbean/West Indian community here in Reading there might be a chance that some of the smaller ethnic shops may have some.

        Will update you after Saturday if I haven't had any luck before.

        1. Saw some banana leaves today at New Loon Moon Supermarket in Chinatown -- Gerrard St. Just to the left of the entrance.

          1. Besides New Loon Moon, Lung Fung sometimes has it as well, in the back near the cooking utinsels. Or try some of the other Chinese grocery stores.