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Jan 30, 2007 12:59 AM

First visit to Manhattan-Buffet Brunch/brownies .....

Hello There!! Im planning my first visit to NYC in November this year (our Honeymoon) Im excited as Iam complete foodie from the UK.

Im desperate to sample the most authentic taste of NYC. We would like to sample brilliant buffet brunches, fab gooey brownies, and all thats american!!

I would love some suggestions as this would be very helpful and enable us to get a real taste of NYC.

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  1. Check out City Bakery (not sure of address, but look on citysearch or for address--I think it's on 17th St). They have fabulous pastries and a very popular buffet/salad bar for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, with lots of very interesting choices. Busy, crowded place, with wonderful hot chocolate. Otherwise, there's a wealth of info here on the boards--do some searches!

    1. Thanks so much............I will definately go there!!

      1. There are posts similar to this asking what NYC has to offer. You should check those out to get an idea of what's here.

        Something to start you off:

        1. Pizza - Lombardi's (Manhattan), Patsy's (the original in East Harlem), DiFara's (Brooklyn).
        2. Burgers - Burger Joint, Corner Bistro, Blue Ribbon Bakery.
        3. Deli - Katz's
        4. Brunch - go for bagels, lox (smoked salmon) & cream cheese as well as other great smoked fish at Barney Greengrass...this is not a buffet.
        5. Chinatown - New Green Bo, NY Noodletown, Peking Duck, Ping's (dim-sum), Golden Bridge (dim-sum)
        6. Korea-Town - DaeDong, KunJip
        7. Diner - instead of a buffet, how about a classic diner breakfast (Cosmic Diner) or one with an Eastern European flavor (Veselka).

        By the way, congratulations!

        1. For some of the best brownies in the city go to Chelsea Market and head into Fat Witch. It is not a place you can eat in, but oh, those brownies!