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Jan 29, 2007 10:22 PM

Radically overcooked steak at Musso & Frank; Sanddabs OK

Ordered steak rare, got medium to medium-well. The sauce poured over it probably didn't help, but I was already sure it would be overcooked just by how long it was on the grill (and I wasn't using any sort of timepiece). Didn't send it back because I hate throwing away edible meat (COWS DIED FOR THIS?!) ... but I don't think I'll ever get a steak there again.

I am all too often served meat that I think is slightly overcooked, but this was way out of hand.

And yes, the sanddabs really are okay. I've had them several times. I'd get them again. I guess I should stop experimenting with the (inordinately long) M&F menu.

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  1. I would've sent it back and asked for another properly cooked. Especially at M&F prices. I highly doubt it would go to waste. The kitchen and waitstaff enjoy taking care of mistakes(no pun intended) like that.

    1. Many place poorly judge carry-over cooking. Send it back.