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Jan 29, 2007 10:17 PM

"Kid friendly" Hammersmith (or other London Neighborhood) pub?

We will be staying in a simple B&B In Hammersmith/London Area in June. We have a 7 yr old and 10 yr old who know how to be well-behaved when we are out at meals (usually). We like good dark beer and will put up with just okay food if we have to. Anyone know a pub in Hammersmith where we can enjoy a beer or two AND bring our kids along for dinner?

Alternatively, any other leads on kid-friendly yummy pubs in London are welcome, especially on the west side of town. We don't want to go to any kid-focused restaurants (eek).

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  1. Can't give you specific recommendations in Hammersmith but most pubs will let you bring your kids in at lunch and you can always eat and drink outdoors with your kids in the evening. So, look for pubs with outdoor seating (and food of course) for the evenings and for a neighborhood pub in the afternoon. If you find yourself in St. John's Wood, I can give you a couple of recommendations. BTW, many pubs have Thai menus along with their English menu.

    1. I can't guarantee the results, but if you do a search on Beer in the Evening for Hammersmith and Child Friendly, you get this:

      And there's a big post about it over on Trip Advisor

      1. Thanks both of you! Thai food. I had no idea.

        Great links. That beerintheevening site is wild.

        Can't wait to try a few of those that are within walking distance of our B&B. One more traditional and one more newish - but friendly-sounding. I'll report back in July!

        1. It's been a few years since (3) I was in London, and I know the "scene" does change rapidly, but might I suggest a few things in your area? Firstly, I recommend walking down to the river. There are a couple of pubs just along the riverwalk by the Hammersmith Bridge. I don't know what the food situation is there these days, but it's a great place to have a pint on a sunny day, and watch the rowers on the river.

          And while you're at it, why not carry along over the bridge into Barnes? It's a lovely neighborhood with a "village-y" feel. You could hop on the 209 bus to take you by the duck pond, where there is The Sun pub, which has an outdoor area, and then stroll along the high street back up to the river. Just along there is a pub called the White Hart. Children are welcome on the patio.

          1. Anglesea Arms in Wingate Road, they like animals and children (not necessarily to cook with I hasten to add!)...very trad food, delicious food although service can be a tad relaxed. Very good and it is back in the middle of Brackenbury Village.