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Jan 29, 2007 09:57 PM

Authentic Dim Sum in Denver?

In town for business and was wondering if anyone has recs for authentic dim sum in Denver. As well, is there a Chinatown of some sort in Denver?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. i am originally from SF... moved to breckenridge in 01...just moved down to denver... i have been seeking good oriental (and especially dim sum) since i've been out here. going out with some friends for dim sum tomorrow night... will keep you posted..... and will be following this thread myself.

    1. Really not much of a Chinatown (especially if you compare to SF), but the closest you will come is the "Federal Center" on Federal and Alameda. I personally like "Thai Heip" and the restaurant just to the right of it (don't remember the name). They are Vietnamese which has a lot of other Asian influences.

      Haven't personally been there, but authentic Dim Sum can be found at "Kings Land Seafood", which is just East of Federal on Alameda (I think - someone please correct me if I am wrong!).

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        that sounds like the place we are going to tonight...... alemeda and federal

      2. I have never been to China so can't speak to authenticity but most people consider Superstar to have the best Dim Sum in Denver. Here is a review.

        Not really a Chinatown in Denver. The area around Superstar (mostly on Federal around the Alameda intersection) has many Asian restaurants and grocery stores.

        You might also do a search of previous posts. I believe there was a recent similiar topic.

        1. Superstar and King's Land share a large parking lot....they are a stone's throw from eachother. In the same strip mall as Superstar are 2 Asian grocery stores; both are worth a look inside. The smaller of the groceries is Pacific Ocean, which I go to on a semi-regular basis, mainly for the produce. Last year this time they had the most incredible green garlic I've ever laid my hands on, even better than during my years in prof. kitchens. They also carry the requisite selection of choys, bitter melon, exotic roots (taro etc.), but I go there for the fresh turmeric root (no comparison to the ubiquitous yellow powder, so much more complex!), fresh rice noodles, cherimoyas, exotic mushrooms, thai eggplant and fresh herbs, which are dirt cheap.

          I've been to Superstar once, maybe 2 months ago, and it was awesome. Service was great and very attentive, though the language barrier was a bit of an obstacle, particularly because my husband is allergic to shrimp-- we had trouble finding out which dishes had shrimp in them (we finally resorted to me picking them apart and tasting them first for signs of crustacean). Some standout dishes: Chinese broccoli, BBQ pork bao, crispy chicken feet, pork congee, any of the dumplings, and a chilled custard made with black sticky rice...delicious!

          1. turns out the place we met our friends this evening was empress seafood. was very good, a varied selection, and very reasonably priced. i'll go back..... i will also be looking for the others mentioned.