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Jan 29, 2007 07:47 PM

Cold Spring dining suggestions?

Beloved spouse and I are weekending in Cold Spring and I was hoping one of the Hounds might have recommendations of places to seek out --- or avoid -- here. We're going sans car, so walking distance is a major plus.


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  1. bouchon...very good french...cathyrns(?) tuscan kitchen...very good italian...both on main st.

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    1. Going to Le Bouchon on Saturday, probably going to Cathryn's as well. Thanks to you both for the great suggestions.

      1. let us know how it went...thanks

        1. I absoluley love Cathyrns Tuscan

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            Just back from the trip -- can't say enough good things about Le Bouchon -- service was exceptional and they make a helluva steak frites -- and Cathryn's was delightful as well (great salads, also a fabulous potato gnocchi w/lamb ragu and a chicken dish with olives that was fantastically flavorful).

            thanks for the great suggestions!