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Cold Spring dining suggestions?

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Beloved spouse and I are weekending in Cold Spring and I was hoping one of the Hounds might have recommendations of places to seek out --- or avoid -- here. We're going sans car, so walking distance is a major plus.


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  1. bouchon...very good french...cathyrns(?) tuscan kitchen...very good italian...both on main st.

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    1. re: corky

      Agreed on both.

    2. Going to Le Bouchon on Saturday, probably going to Cathryn's as well. Thanks to you both for the great suggestions.

      1. let us know how it went...thanks

        1. I absoluley love Cathyrns Tuscan

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            Just back from the trip -- can't say enough good things about Le Bouchon -- service was exceptional and they make a helluva steak frites -- and Cathryn's was delightful as well (great salads, also a fabulous potato gnocchi w/lamb ragu and a chicken dish with olives that was fantastically flavorful).

            thanks for the great suggestions!