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French Onion Soup

I love soup, and French Onion is one of my favorites! I try it almost whenever it is on the menu. This nice cool weather we are having is getting me in the mood..... Any suggestions???


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  1. La Frite in Woodland Hills
    Ruth's Chris
    Mimi's Cafe isn't bad either, depending on the location
    There is a place in South Coast Plaza, a sandwich/salad French place that does a good version

    1. Cafe de la Gare in S Pas and Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle Rock. For all its drawbacks, Les Freres Taix on Sunset in LA has pretty good onion soup - really a sauce espagnole with cheese on top.

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        Didn't you think that Cafe dela Gare's soup was not traditional? I was surprised that it did not have the rich beef broth, it had an almost chicken stock type broth. I was almost dissapointed because it wasn't what I expected, but it was good.

      2. Pinot has a great french onion soup.

          1. MORTON'S (only at lunch) $10-

            1. Wilson has a french onion stew.

              1. My favorite french onion soup is Cafe Provencal in Thousand Oaks.

                1. The Raymond in Pasadena has the best version I have ever had. Also, oddly, the restaurant in the Pasadena Hilton has a decent version.

                  1. Bake & Broil in Long Beach has excellent French Onion Soup. Everything is made from scratch, including the wonderful croutons they use for their FOS

                    1. Doughboy's on 3rd has one that is enormous and will knock your socks off...

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                        I love Doughboy's french onion soup.

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                          Love the Doughboy's french onion, the cheese is overwhelmingly fantastic.

                      2. I hate to recommend a chain, but I've always loved the Onion soup at Hamburger Hamlet. Also, at Marmalade Cafe its good, though they use sweet onions which gives it a bit of a different taste.

                        Also, there was another thread about this a while ago...


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                          I have to confess that I love the french onion at Hamburger Hamlet as well. Plus, since I have a 3-year-old, it works for us!

                        2. 3rd the Doughboys suggestion! It's really quite a meal! You can also get a little side salad.

                          1. Le Petit Cafe on Colorado in Santa Monica has been there for years. It is as close to a French roadside cafe as you get in these parts, charming but casual. (The owner is indeed French and is the host). They do a nice soupe a l'oignon with all the toast and grated cheese on top that you expect. The other place that used to make surprisingly good onion soup in Santa Monica was the Broadway Deli, whose original chef was Michel Richard (of Citron and now New York). I haven't been lately but they probably still have it on the menu since they made it the same way for years and years.

                            1. FLEMMINGS (MULTIPLE LOCATIONS)
                              MORTON'S (LUNCH ONLY)
                              RIVERIA AT THE FIRESIDE (WESTMINSTER)

                              Had some 2 wks ago at Mastro's in Scottsdale that was so bad I sent it back.

                              1. +1 for Doughboy's - although I wish they had a cup alternative to the biigger-than-your-head bowl they serve. That way it would be great to go with their portobello sandwich, which is superb... ©

                                1. Doughboy's is pretty good. But Chez Mimi's in Santa Monica is without a doubt stellar.

                                  1. The Coral in Burbank has good French Onion. Ask for the croutons on the side though.

                                    Steve Doggie-Dogg

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                                        Because the croutons are huge and sometimes they soak up most of the soup. Also, it's nice to have some crunch to the croutons, rather than have them turn into wet garlic bread.

                                        Steve Doggie-Dogg

                                    1. There is a great place for fabulous French Soup in Burbank of all places at the Riverside Cafe... be careful, it's atomically hot at serving...

                                      1. Try Cafe Des Artiste in Hollywood or Mistral in Sherman Oaks. Both have fab. onion soup.

                                            1. The French Onion at the Kettle in Manhattan Beach on Highland Ave. is great.

                                              1. i'm going to big-up doughboys too.

                                                1. French market place on Santa Monica and Crescent Heights is good and has a moderate size which is nice. It comes with a sandwich as a choice(soup or salad). I usually get the club and it's good for 2 meals.

                                                  1. The French Quarter
                                                    7985 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Laurel Ave.)
                                                    West Hollywood

                                                    Excellent French onion soup. Cup or crock. Crock is the best choice.

                                                    One of the best restaurants in town. Excellent food, service, decor, and reasonable.

                                                    1. Mastro's has an incredible french onion, but it is pretty pricey and not really worth going just for the soup if you catch my drift.

                                                      1. I did a brief recap of this thread. Thank you to everyone who posted. You can read it here: http://rantsnravesnreviews.blogspot.com

                                                        1. Another restaurant serving a tasty French Onion Soup is La Dijonaise in Culver City. Rich broth and swiss cheese. They'll be happy to use a different cheese if you don't like Swiss. I also like the baugettes at La Dijonaise. Perfect with their soup.

                                                          The restaurant is located on the Washington Boulevard side of the Helms Bakery complex, next door to the Jazz Bakery.

                                                          1. Angelique Cafe (on Main St., Downtown LA) serves a
                                                            wonderful, inexpensive french onion soup. Lunch only,
                                                            however. I think they close at 3:30 pm.

                                                            1. Someone told me the cafe at The Standard of all places does a great onion soup. Anyone tried it?