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Jan 29, 2007 06:29 PM

goat meat in Manhattan??

Does anybody know where I can get goat meat (minced) in Manhattan? Halal preferred but not at all necessary. I know about Park Slope but I don't want to head all the way out to Brooklyn.

thank you

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  1. yvonne food truck sells it everyday, jamaican food 72nd and york or was it 71st and york...

    curried goat... you can ask her where she gets her goat

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    1. re: twobrain

      Is that yvonne food truck, @ 72nd and york, a mobile Jamaican restaurant in Manh? Good curry goat? I'm there!

    2. I think I've seen it at Fairway uptown, though my memory has played tricks on me before. Not Halal though.

      1. If you're looking to cook with goat meat, my source would be Esposito's on 9th around 37th/38th St.

        1. Fairway on 74th and Pioneer on 74th and Columbus occasionally have goat. Western Beef (uptown and Chelsea locations) always has it. I'm pretty sure it's on sale this week, too. There are halal butchers on 3rd Ave in the 20s that sell goat on certain days, but no one I know sells minced goat meat. It's usually cut into appropriate sizes for curry.

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            Add: Fairway on 131st St always has a few packs--large chunks--never minced. And then there's always Bronx Terminal Market...

          2. Oh please. And every grocer in Jackson Heights, Queens. Would you like a whole goat, half goat, goat shoulder, or leg? Only 15 minutes from Lex Ave. via the F or E express. Enjoy.