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Jan 29, 2007 06:06 PM

Hungry College Runners

1)My teammates and I will be in NYC this weekend. We're staying around 6th Ave & W. 54th.
Where are some good places to eat in the area that would fit a college student's budget? ( Over 40+ would be a bit expensive for most of the girls)

2) I'd like to find somewhere moderate in price for Saturday night, but it can anywhere in Manhattan. Any ideas?

3) I want to have really great pizza in Manhattan...Suggestions?


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  1. For the Millrose games, I assume. Good luck. I am assuming you are looking for a large group for that night, and on a serious college budget. You might want to look at Tony's Di Napoli on 43rd and Broadway - they serve family style pasta. For pizza - there are tons of posts already that you should feel free to browse through. For large groups at a place that takes reservations, Pala pizza ( a little far from you but totally reachable, as are most of the reccomendations you will get on this subject) is good although there will be many other options that people prefer over that. You order by the foot...not by the slice. You need to go to a totally different type of pizza place for that. I have been there with a group and had a great time.