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Jan 29, 2007 05:55 PM

3 Stone Hearth's Full Moon Feast...

Has anybody ever been to one? Is it worth the $40? I'm interested in going, but want to know what other 'hounds think.


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  1. I wish the search function was back because I did an extensive post on the Full Moon dinner I attended in SF. (maybe under my old board name - Pssst)

    Bottom line - food was worth it, company was iffy. Some of the people were diet/food zealots and annoyed the hell out of me out.

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          stone-hearth full-moon
          domain name: (which hasn't changed so far)

    1. Anyone been lately, since they moved to their (semi) permanent location in Berkeley?

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        Haven't gone to any dinners lately, but we do pick up food items from the kitchen once a week. Everything has been tasty so far and our kids love the food. A lot of the recipes can be easily made at home, the glass deposits policy is great, and it's fun to see folks each week and see what's new. It's worth a visit to see what it's all about and to meet Jessica Prentiss, the chef behind all the Locavore movement.

      2. We went to one last Fall which was held at Sun Farm in western Marin. Food was great, tho' it was strange eating the pot roast with the animals who were still up and about staring over the fence watching..... The meal for the next feast is taking place in the kitchen on Bolivar in Berkeley....less picturesque, but also less of a drive. It's worth checking out once, then deciding if it's worth it another time.