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Jan 29, 2007 04:45 PM

Small, Romantic Italian in Union Square?

My 50-something folks will be in San Francisco next week and I would like to treat them to a great Italian meal at a romantic spot. (I will not be in attendance, obviously). My mom has some health issues and cannot walk too far, so ideally it should be within a couple blocks of the 500 block on Post St near Union square. (Or if there's a place further that is not to be missed, I can arrange for a cab as well). We're looking to spend in the $60-90 range for 2, including glasses of wine, tax, & tip. Is there anything that would be a good match? Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. FINO is a nice, small restaurant in the Andrews Hotel (624 Post Street). I am not sure I would describe it as romantic, but it is pleasant and comfortable.

    The other Italian option in the area is Scala's Bistro, in the Sir Francis Drake Hotel (450 Powell Street). It is a much larger place, with more hustle & bustle.

    1. Scala's is fun, but unless your parents order carefully I think it would be too pricey.

      Has anyone been to Zingari? The one mention of it that came up when I searched was overwhelmingly negative and there have been no mentions since then.

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        My wife and I, both 50++++, ate at Scala's last week. We shared a caesar salad and a pizza, then we each had pasta. Mine was the oxtail agnolotti, which was excellent. Finally, we shared a great dessert. Along with the food, we had an outstanding bottle of Valpolicella. With tip, the total was about $138, so drop the bottle of wine and you are in your price range. The restaurant is not brightly lit, but the tables had good lighting, which is a blessing for our older vision. We really enjoyed our dinner and left over-full.

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          Here's my report from last year on Zingari, not negative at all:

          That said, I think it might be as pricy, or pricier than Scalas's, so one would need to order carefully to stay in that price range with tax and tip.

        2. Went to FINO a few months back and loved the food. Agree that it isn't the most romantic, but is small and inviting.

          1. Has anyone out there tried L'Ottavo (692 Sutter Street btwn Taylor & Mason) lately? I've never been, but it always looks so cozy and romantic from the outside.

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              There's one you never hear anything about. Here's the website

              The only thing is that from post street that is a pretty steep uphill walk to Sutter.

            2. My parents went to Fino and *loved it*. The service was very good and the meal amazing. My dad went with a classic: Bolognese and enjoyed every bite. Now my mom has a new dish to master. Thanks for the tips everyone!