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Best French Food in New York City?

Does anyone know of a great place for French food in Manhattan? I am looking for a place that is romantic, reasonable if possible, but most importantly, very delicious. Any thoughts??

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    1. Bistro or formal dining?

      1. Jean-Georges is not reasonable, not when its dinner time and your hungry. My favorite french restauarant is Casanis. Its a traditional Brasserie with Proven├žal roots.

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          I sthat the new incarnation on the LES? I've been meaning to try it. How does it compare to the old one one 1st street?

        2. I don't know exactly what your budget is, but what abour Cafe Boulud? I LOVE that place. The other places that come to mind when you say, "reasonable" are more bistro-type and not very romantic to me. Get a cosy little booth on the left hand side at Boulud. My husband and I always request that.


          1. You can't go wrong with Artisanal, Balthazar or Brasserie Ruhlmann.

            I also liked Provence.

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            1. Raoul's...tiny, cozy, delish!

              1. Raoul's is awesome.
                Paradou: a very small, cozy spot with a Provencal menu, across the street from Pastis. So tasty!

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                      i'll dissent...i like the cozy back room at Raoul's...but the last three meals i've had there have been pretty mediocre...a lot of the old favorites on the menu (the crabcake, even some bistro standards) have disappeared and the new menu tries too hard to be inventive, with some poor results: it's like the overly ambitious but ultimately lame first efforts of a chef just out of cooking school and it doesn't suit the old vibe of the place at all: e.g. get rid of the wasabi creams et al...i wish they'd go back and learn to do the basics skillfully...i also find the service on the smarmy side...these days, i'll only go there for a late-night dessert

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                        Are you serious? You are breaking my heart! Someone else told me they stopped serving many of the classics there. The thought that Raoul's is going all 1980's with the menu is dreadful for me. I mean wasabi creams at Raoul's?

                  1. If you want to specialize, can't beat Le Bernardin.

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                        what do recommend should one order at la luncheonette?

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                          Escargots, cassoulet, lapin, a nice chateauneuf de pape and don't leave without having the tarte tatin, the best I've ever had. I've been going there for 20 years.

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                            thanks...i'm going to make an effort to go and will surely not miss trying the tarte tatin as i do love it and i have a bad craving for good ole french food.

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                              La Luncheonette is a nice place, unspectacular but always solid, and the owner works the restaurant and is always hovering (in a good way!) in your midst. A pleasure.

                              On the east side, I've favored Lucien's, on first and first...solid French bistro fare, small menu but everything is well prepared, nice wine list, a pleasure to eat at.

                      2. La grenouille and for casual i love jean claude in soho

                            1. depends what type of atmosphere you are looking for. i always enjoy artisinal. its a much more relaxed setting and the food is really good. especially the gougers! Balthazar is always a classic choice as well

                              1. There's a fantastic little place on East 8th Street, called Danal. Great food, mismatched dishes, rickety tables. It's a romantic's dream!

                                1. Le Charlot, Paradou (one of my favorite restaurants, seasonale menu...great foie gras), Raoul's,...Le Bernardin if you want something more extravagant