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Jan 29, 2007 04:44 PM

Best French Food in New York City?

Does anyone know of a great place for French food in Manhattan? I am looking for a place that is romantic, reasonable if possible, but most importantly, very delicious. Any thoughts??

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    1. Bistro or formal dining?

      1. Jean-Georges is not reasonable, not when its dinner time and your hungry. My favorite french restauarant is Casanis. Its a traditional Brasserie with Proven├žal roots.

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          I sthat the new incarnation on the LES? I've been meaning to try it. How does it compare to the old one one 1st street?

        2. I don't know exactly what your budget is, but what abour Cafe Boulud? I LOVE that place. The other places that come to mind when you say, "reasonable" are more bistro-type and not very romantic to me. Get a cosy little booth on the left hand side at Boulud. My husband and I always request that.


          1. You can't go wrong with Artisanal, Balthazar or Brasserie Ruhlmann.

            I also liked Provence.

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