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Jan 29, 2007 04:38 PM

Fat Straws (DFW)

I made my sister take me to Fat Straws in Plano, which is probably the most reputationally Western-friendly bubble tea joint around. My sister, who's in high school, goes there all the time with her friends, which should be some sort of voucher for its teenage Asian authenticity. She gets the green apple slush with pearls everytime. The non naturally-occurring shade of green was a turn-off to me personally, but maybe I'm too old to fully embrace the cult of bubble tea. I had my standard black milk tea with pearls. Not too sweet. Not too watered down. Not too thick. A little on the bland side, actually. The pearls themselves were just right-- the correct degree of chewy. Not necessarily the best in town, but if you're looking for an introduction to bubble tea, this is the place to hit.

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  1. In addition to this place, I'd say Tapioca House and Boba Latte are both also good for introducing people to bubble tea.

    Personally though, I can never justify the trip to Fat Straws. I also don't see anything special about it. Also, due to the it's location in the middle of suburbia, it's overpriced, but that's pretty much the norm for most "Western-friendly" places.

    1. Boba Latte uses real fruit, that gets my vote for bubble tea.

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        I do prefer Boba Latte if I'm going for something special; Lollicup for my basic black milk tea with pearls.

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          Anyone wanna point me to a place that uses real taro for their taro milk tea? I've yet to see any place in the DFW area which does.

          I remember talking to one of the QQ Cafe employees a long time ago and he mentioned that people prefer the artificial stuff to the real thing, and that totally blew me away!

      2. Yep since Fat Straws is about 3 blocks from my office I go there on a regular basis. Yes I have a Fat Straw frequent Tea card.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Anyone tried the bubble tea at Tempest Teas? I haven't, but I've heard good things.