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Jan 29, 2007 04:26 PM

Killington, VT restaurants

Hey fellow chowhounders! I'm going to killington in march for a week of skiing. I've been going there since i was very young, but havent been in like 3 years! I was just curious what restaurants are considered the best these days. I'm sure its different then the last time I was there! Any input you all have would be great! Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you do a search for Killington or Woodstock, you'll get many threads. Not much has changed in the last few years.

    1. Not much has changed in 3 years. Just some random thoughts, as I am there all the time:

      The Garlic: fairly mediocre tapas, however they have a happy hour special which makes it reasonable. Based on the tapas, and a pasta dish I had last year, I generally don't hold my expectations too high here. But a few weeks ago I had a spinach stuff steak which blew me away. I kept saying "are we really at the Garlic? This is WAY too good."

      Corners Inn: consistently good continental food. Off the access road, about 10 minutes east of the gondola.

      Choices: pretty much the best place on the actual mountain. Therefore can get very crowded on Saturdays. Keep in mind "best place on the mountain" is not saying much.

      Outback: great pizza, but since you're there for a week, don't go on Saturday, unless you want to also go into the cheezy "club", Tabu.

      Lookout: best "inexpensive" bar-type food on the mountain.

      Wobbly Barn: same as always! I'm sure you've been!

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        thanks so much! i really appreciate it! i have been to most of those places before, but im not surprised that nothing has really changed haha! if killington needs one thing, its better restaurants!

      2. We ate at Hemingway's just outside of Killington last year.
        The food was outstanding as was the sevice---and the price!
        Heminway's is usually listed as a 4-star by Mobil Guide(I haven't seen the Guide lately) so others here may be able to give you a better update than my 1 yr. old opinion.
        I agree 100% with NikoLe1625 that the area could stand some better restaurants!

        1. This list pretty much captures the options. Killington is not exactly a Chowhound destination resort.

          Choices has the best food on the access road. I pretty much always eat at the bar. I've been eating there since the late 1980's and have owned a condo in that complex for 15 years. I do wish Claude, the chef/owner, would vary his menu. 2/3 of the menu was the same 18 years ago. Food prices are quite reasonable but their alcohol prices are fairly high. They have a great Sunday brunch if the skiing is iffy. They make a great corned beef hash. We'll often sneak in at 2:00.

          Hemingway's has very small portions for a ski resort restaurant. Food quality, presentation, and service are excellent. Starters run $15+. Entrees run $35+. The wine list has a fairly stiff markup. You really can't escape a dinner for two for less than $200. At their price point in Vermont, I expect food art and it's not at that level so I rarely get there more than once every couple of years.

          Outback does have the best pizza if you're into wood-fired pizza. The advice to avoid it on a Saturday is dead-on but everything at Killington should be avoided on a Saturday unless you get there as the doors open.

          I actually like the Tapas menu at The Garlic but that's probably the 3 or 4 martinis speaking.

          Down the hill towards Rutland in Mendon, we enjoy the German food at Countryman's Pleasure. I've been there many times and always get the Sauerbraten, spaetzle, and red cabbage.

          I'm told the Jackson House in Woodstock has changed ownership and chef. That used to be the best food within 30 minutes of Killington. I can't vouch for it this year.

          I don't frequent the Lookout even though I can hit it with a rock from my back deck. The place is insanely crowded and noisy on weekends. Midweek, it's fine for a drink and a bite to eat.

          There are a few other places that have adequate food. The Birch Ridge Inn puts out a decent meal. If I absolutely have to eat a slab of red meat, the Santa Fe Steakhouse is better than the Wobbly Barn.

          1. The Red Clover Inn on Woodward Road west of the access road going toward Rutland has wonderful food, less expensive than Hemingway's but special nonetheless. Heli's, just before Woodward road in the same direction, has more casual Czech-based food, and is also fun for a change. If you find yourself in downtown Rutland at lunchtime during the week for any reason, the Back Home Again cafe has great fish sandwiches, soups, and iced tea.