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Jan 29, 2007 04:21 PM

Monday - lunch/dinner/drinks in Philly

My BF and I will be in Philly on Monday for lunch, dinner and drinks (visiting from LA, but we both lived in Philly 4 years ago. Since we don't get to spend much time in Philadelphia anymore, we want to make the most of our food consumption while we're there!

I'm thinking RTM for lunch, but am open to other options - is Good Dog a solid choice for lunch or do you have other suggestions?

For dinner, we would like someplace that has excellent food (obviously) and is casual (jeans). it doesn't matter if it's BYO or not. Maybe something along the lines of Amada, Django, etc. Matyson seems like we wouldn't be comfy in jeans?? (would like to get a pre-dinner drink someplace...either a pub or wine bar like Tria, etc.)

Type of food - anything (however, we're coming from LA, so please don't recommend Mexican since we can get plenty of it out here! Also, no Steven Starr, overly commercial or chain restaurants)

Cost - not an issue - as long as the food is great and we can wear jeans, we'll pay for it!

Location - Rittenhouse/Old City/Northern Liberties are all options...we just really want to enjoy great food in Philadelphia!


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  1. amada's been very nice to us, even in jeans. i might make a night out of hummus at one of the hookah places on chestnut st around 2nd, amada for dinner, and drinks afterwards at charlie's pub on 3rd near arch.

    or, as i've posted on this board before, the specials at charlie's pub (its looks are decieving) have been consistently fabulous. that kitchen has a way with fish and rice that no other does.

    also, since you've been out of the neighborhood for a while, a new place - spanish tapas, as well - is bar ferdinand in northern liberties - just south of girard on 2nd street. rough service when it first opened last summer, but it improves constantly. i visit about once a month and each time am slightly more impressed than the last.

    i also just had a great meal recently at il cantuccio, the BYO in northern liberties. 3rd and something (brown?) across from the abbaye. where you can go to get drinks before or after.

    out of all of those places, amada will have the best-dressed people, for sure. i'm not one who's much for dressing up either, and if a place doesn't treat me nicely then i make sure to call them out on it here. like bookbinders. don't even think about stepping in there with so much as a molecule of denim LINT on your person.

    1. I'd say go to Tria for drinks and a snack and to Matyson for dinner (They're very cose to each other). You'll be fine in jeans it's not a big deal at all. RTM is a good idea, it's a shame the Dutch won't be there though. Could always do Matyson for lunch too and choose something else for dinner. If you'll have a car I couldn't see not going to John's Roast Pork for lunch. Best steaks and pork sandwiches in the city, however, it is down in S. Philly so...

      1. Hey rabidog and Tonyjlive - great suggestions and you have me so excited for my visit! I'll have to plot these all out to determine how I can maximize my eating/drinking experience without freezing - it's supposed to be cold there on Monday and I'm weak now that I live in LA!

        BTW - I was at Amada about a year ago and had a great meal there with a large group. On that same trip, I tried to get lunch at Matyson, but they were booked (well, the place was empty, but they apparently had a lot of reservations coming in). Oh, and I have no desire to ever step into Bookbinder's. :)