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Jan 29, 2007 04:03 PM

Black Vinegar ???

I found Black Vinegar in my pantry,,,bought from an Asian grocery. I obviously used this in some experimental recipe. Any suggestions on how to use? Thx. D.

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  1. Black Vinegar is the Balsamic of China. There is a very good noodle recipe in The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking, by Barbara Tropp, that has black soy and black vinegar. I love black vinegar. It's good with chicken, noodle, shrimp and snow peas. I can post the recipe if anyone is interested in the sesame noodles from Barbara Tropp.

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      Yes, zataar, I would be interested in the recipe. So, can I use as I would another vinegar? Thx.

    2. Please post them; I also have a bottle of black vinegar that is under-utilized.

      1. Pig's feet in black vinegar is a standard postpartum soul food in the Cantonese community. My wife, an orthodox Jewish Cantonese woman, bemoaned the fact that she couldn't eat the stuff after each of our 6 kids, because she used to love it in her youth. Evidently, they used to eat it at other times too, cause she'd never been postpartum until she met me. I"m sure that old Chinese cookbooks must recipes, if pig's feet ring your bell.

        1. I bought some for the Lamb Polo in Dunlop's Sichuan cookbook. The dish is fab. Would love some more ideas for using black vinegar.

          1. I use it often to finish a hot and sour type soup - a small splash at the end into a sweet(ish) broth...mmmm

            a little goes a looong way!