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Black Vinegar ???

I found Black Vinegar in my pantry,,,bought from an Asian grocery. I obviously used this in some experimental recipe. Any suggestions on how to use? Thx. D.

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  1. Black Vinegar is the Balsamic of China. There is a very good noodle recipe in The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking, by Barbara Tropp, that has black soy and black vinegar. I love black vinegar. It's good with chicken, noodle, shrimp and snow peas. I can post the recipe if anyone is interested in the sesame noodles from Barbara Tropp.

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      Yes, zataar, I would be interested in the recipe. So, can I use as I would another vinegar? Thx.

    2. Please post them; I also have a bottle of black vinegar that is under-utilized.

      1. Pig's feet in black vinegar is a standard postpartum soul food in the Cantonese community. My wife, an orthodox Jewish Cantonese woman, bemoaned the fact that she couldn't eat the stuff after each of our 6 kids, because she used to love it in her youth. Evidently, they used to eat it at other times too, cause she'd never been postpartum until she met me. I"m sure that old Chinese cookbooks must recipes, if pig's feet ring your bell.

        1. I bought some for the Lamb Polo in Dunlop's Sichuan cookbook. The dish is fab. Would love some more ideas for using black vinegar.

          1. I use it often to finish a hot and sour type soup - a small splash at the end into a sweet(ish) broth...mmmm

            a little goes a looong way!

            1. re: using as another vinegar - it has a very sharp note to it....almost sour...

              1. I always use it to make a dipping sauce for dumplings (just made some tonight - black vinegar, soy sauce, hot sesame oil, sliced scallions, and a bit of water)

                1. Yep, use as you would another vinegar - it is not just for asian dishes. I use it a lot with sauteed greens, and would not hesitate to use it in a salad dressing.


                  1. Here's a good noodle recipe, sorry it took awhile to get back with it.

                    Sesame Noodles with Chinese Black Vinegar

                    1 pound fresh Chinese egg noodles, cooked and rinsed with cold water
                    1 pound linguine, cooked al dente and rinsed with cold water


                    ¼ cup Japanese sesame oil, Kadoya brand is good
                    ¼ cup black soy sauce
                    2 TBL. aged Chinese black vinegar
                    2 ½ TBL. sugar
                    2 ½ tsp. kosher salt
                    1 TBL. hot chili oil, or to taste

                    Mix well, until sugar and salt dissolve. Toss with the well drained noodles until evenly coated. Adjust the seasonings as needed to achieve a hot, tangy, salty, sweet balance.

                    Thinly slice 8 scallions and add to the noodles. For best flavor, allow the noodles to sit several hours before serving.

                    Toast ¼ cup sesame seeds until golden, sprinkle on each serving.

                    Additions: I sometimes add shredded carrots, blanched julienned snow peas and blanched mung bean sprouts. Grilled or poached chicken is good, too.

                    Without the additions, the noodles keep well and still taste great up to 4 days.

                    1. Black Vinegar is good for making a dipping sauce for the Japanese dumplings called Gyoza. The Chinese have the same thing with a different name. Black Vinegar could be used in lots of things.....I guess the way to find out what it's good in is to experiment. I was thinking instead of veal marsala....you could make veal black vinegar....maybe?

                      1. This doesn't call for a lot of it, but its so good. Unfortunately my SO can't take the spice... he's gone camping so I think this might be dinner!
                        Does black vinegar remind anybody else of Worcestchire sauce?