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Jan 29, 2007 04:00 PM

Paris Restaurant Advice - near Champs-Elysses

I'm looking for restaurant recommendations - breakfast, lunch, dinner and bakeries near the 8th. We're on a budget, so nothing too fancy. We do not speak French, so looking for a place where they are open to speaking English.

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  1. La Fermette Marbeuf (5, rue Marbeuf) is one possibility. It has a website and I'm sure would welcome English speakers. Medium priced for Paris, but may be a bit towards your high end.

    1. Laduree is right on the Champs Elysees (address is 75). Wonderful place for lunch or afternoon tea. Pastries to die for. Lovely setting.

      1. Just be informed that the cheapest breakfast at Ladurée (Continental) runs at 17€. If you want eggs, etc. it will be even more (around 26€). For that price, you can have a 3-course lunch or dinner in a small neighbourhood bistrot.
        I'd check your hotel's breakfast which may be a better value and will possibly give you a good start into your days.
        But, you should definitely get something at Ladurée, preferably their famous macarons.

        Walk around and explore the smaller streets in your neighbourhood, but being on a budget and the Champs Elysées area don't match very well.

        1. L'Assiette Lyonnaise, 21 rue Marbeuf, 75008, Paris, tél. 01 47 20 94 84.

          Ate here during New Years weekend getaway this year. Nice atmophere intimate with virtually no tourists or cigarette smoke. The food was solid. Foie Gras, Steak Frite, Andouillette were all wonderful. The wine (Pass Tout Grain) was a still at 30euro. English is a little choppy but the staff are very friendly. About 2 blocks south of the Champs.

          1. Chez Andre, at 12 r. Marbeuf, is a 5 minute walk south of the Champs. I wandered in on Friday night at 10.30 and they were happy to serve me, and kept welcoming new diners up until midnight. English not a strong point, but so long as you can read a menu you'll do fine. Food was good, although for both courses I ordered I'd had better plates at other places in Paris . . . but so much better than what one gets in London. On to dessert: Chez Andre's profiteroles are the best I've had in Paris. Good wines at reasonable prices too. Meal of 3 courses + petite bottle of wine + water was around 60e.