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Jan 29, 2007 03:59 PM

Best Puerto Rican Resturant in LA????


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  1. I don't know about the best, but I just noticed one at the corner of Sunset and Gardner in Hollywood -- has anyone tried it?

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      What is the name of the restaurant on sunset and gardner? I looked for it but couldn't find it. I'm Puerto Rican and have yet to find a proper Boricua restaurant in Los Angeles. I could really go for some Mofongo or Alcapurrias rt now... Someone open a Puerto Rican Restaurant in LA !! Please!!. Oh and by the way Cuban food is not the same as Puerto Rican food...that's like saying all food from the mediterranean is the same. Each region and country might use the same ingredients but the outcome isn't the same. Sorry bout the lecture. buen provecho

      1. re: boricua

        Stop. If you want authentic PR restaurant in LA go to ( of course) Mofongos. 5757 Lankershim Blv in North Hollywood. It is a very small place (20 or so persons at a time) but the mofongo is very goooood!

      2. re: Chowpatty

        The best Puerto Rican food in the LA area is actually a little outside of LA - it is in Cypress (not that far). It is called Senor Big Eds. They have catered meals for me. Amazing Arroz con Gandules, pasteles, pernil, habichuelas etc etc etc

        Was not crazy about the frituras they had or the desserts but the solid comfort food they make is AMAZING.

        Epa !

        1. re: Nacional

          Have you tried their Mofongo? If so, how is it? I live near Cypress, but I haven't found a single decent Puerto Rican restaurant in SoCal.

          1. re: Nacional

            Flavor wise you are right. Close to LA Senor Big ED is the best. Other than that I like surullitos from Mofongo but that is it! The best PR Restaurant (I was born and raised in the island) is Sol Food in San Rafael close to San Francisco. I have been to Andres in San Diego...and it is ok.

          2. re: Chowpatty

            No i've never tried that restaurant, but I've tried Sr. Big Ed in Cypress after seeing them on the LA Times News Paper i decided to go try it. It was real authentic Puerto Rican food! OMG it transported me back to the Island. I'm so glad I found this place they have Pasteles, Arroz con gandules, mofongo, bacalao, pernil, alcapurias o man it was great. They even have a trio on every 3rd friday of each month....

          3. It's not a restaurant but there is a Puerto Rican food stand in the Mar Vista Farmer's Market... they have Platanos which will make you cry they are so good...


            1. La cochinita on Sunset in silverlake (where the baskin robbins is) its cuban food. but great rice and beans as well as awesome plaintains.

              it reminds me of the puerto rican diners in nyc.

              1. Any further results? I am a Puerto Rican in Los Angeles and can't believe there is not ONE decent Puerto Rican restaurant here! It's sad? Does anyone know where I can find some Mofongo?

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                1. re: boricua354

                  Being PR as well, I ate at la isla bonita when it 1st opened and haven't been back since. I live a block and a half away too. The guy is really nice, and the food was ok. The Alcapurria was ok, but not great. I'm not big on pasteles de masa, and it seemed pretty pricy for what it was. Please, tell me if I'm wrong. The tostones were great. I just thought paying over 12 dollars for 2 drumsticks and some rice and beans was a little over the top. The service wasn't up to par at all, and we never got our drinks.
                  Please post if you've eaten there recently and the food has been better. I had the fricassee and my brother had the arroz con pollo. Both were just dark meat and the arroz didn't look like anything my mother ever made.
                  I'd be open to trying it again, I guess.

                  1. re: ecco22

                    Where is la isla bonita located?

                2. Seeing how there does not seem to be any Puerto Rican restaurants, does anyone know where I can get some recao and ajies dulce, someplace that sells goya for the caribbean, some gandules? Maybe a caribbean market. I guess pasteles at Christmas is out of the question!

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                  1. re: QLittlestar

                    Every Latino and Asian oriented market that I've been to usually has racao (a.k.a. culantro, ngo gai) and Goya products, must be some kind of law. Dried gandules (pigeon peas) under the Goya label are common but look like they were harvested B.C.E. :-(.

                    OTOH I've never seen ajicitos dulces; I've had my Chowdar searching for these since seeing them on Daisy Martinez' show. One place to try might be the Datmoi market on Crenshaw in Gardena, despite the name they carry a quite a few Caribbean products.

                    If someone could get JLo to open a restaurant (Madre's), maybe someone else with connections could convince Rosie Perez to do the same!

                    EDIT - Apparently La Isla Bonita, corner of Sunset and Gardner, has closed - it is not in the LACO Food Facility Rating database.

                    1. re: DiveFan

                      Place link for QLittlestar and LaLa_Eat, restaurant website link inside:

                      897 Granite Dr, Pasadena, CA

                      1. re: DiveFan

                        Thank DF for the info, I found all of the Goya products at Liborio, even frozen sofrito until I can get my recao and ajies dulce plants. I will try Madre's but it definitely looks more Cuban. If you come across something else, i would love to hear about it.

                    2. re: QLittlestar

                      There is a Cuban market at the intersection of Tujunga and Victory in the San Fernando Valley. They have all the ingredients to make sofrito. They also have all the Goya products. Also Food for Less and Vallarta have the Goya products.