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Jan 29, 2007 03:51 PM

Crawford's Bakery in Indy

Went here on a whim over the Xmas holidays. The fantastic wedding cakes in the window drew me in. Ended up having a (very good) sandwich, but am dying to go back to try the baked goods. What's the story on this place? The building is so interesting.

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  1. Where is it? I heard of a really great place in Greenwood, but have never been in.

    1. Well, this opens up a whole new topic for discussion -- are there other good bakeries in Indy, and which are the best? I know of Long's, Taylor's, Crawford's and Hilligoss in Brownsburg, but we are still on the lookout for a great East-Coast-style bakery like those my hubby grew up with. That is, cases full of cakes, pies, rolls, breads, pastries, etc. throughout the day. Any others?

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        I don't claim to be qualified to rank-order the Indy bakeries, but we've had many nice things from Crawfords (Methodist Hosp) and from Taylors (62d/Allisonville). Also from the Illinois St Food Emporium (56th/Illinois). Long's certainly has a great local reputation, but I'm not sure I've ever had their goods. Same for Hilligoss.


      2. Crawfords Bakery is only about 25 years old and I think less than 20 years in that location. It was started by a husband and wife. I think he was a cake decorator and she was a deli manager at a local grocery chain. When I was in college here they had only been in business a couple of years and were on the westside.

        IndyGirl, they are located on Captial and 16th, in the shadow of Methodist hospital.

        Prose, I am not much of a baked goods buyer but I don't think there really any old fashoned bake all day bakeries in the city.

        Recently someone told me that there is a bakery on the eastside, Renee's, that was written up in USA Today as one of the best cookie places in the country. Anyone been there?

        1. Renee's is about a block from my office in Broad Ripple - fabulous stuff. Cookies, pies, tarts, cakes, etc. It is just a tiny bake shop, with extremely high quality. (Closed on Mondays, though...) They are on the little block between La Peidad and L'Explorateur.

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            Thanks, I have probalby walked right by it and never really seen it.

          2. Long's bakery for your sugar fix with donuts. if you want a more refreshing/creative blend of european style pastries, cookies and breads, renee's in broad ripple is the only place to even think about. taylors, crawfords...ect. will all dish out typical americanized sweets of mediocrity. please...don't let those gaudy cake decorations fool your taste buds!!