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Jan 29, 2007 03:38 PM

dessert westchester

Looking for a restaurant with extraordinary desserts in westchester, pleasantville chappaqua, mt. kisco area...willing to drive about 20 minutes

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  1. I am certainly no expert in the area...I have lived in LA for the past 10 years, but grew up in Chappaqua and my mom still lives in Pleasantville so I visit her frequently and I really enjoy the desserts (and food) at Jean-Jacques.

    468 Bedford Rd
    Pleasantville, NY 10570
    (914) 747-8191

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      1. Plates in Larchmont has fabulous desserts. Giant Ring Ding and Country Doughnuts w/homemade icecream are my favorites. I even get them to go sometimes. Unvbelievable.

        1. it's not a restarant but a bakery ,la tulipe in mt. kisco has the best pastries and cakes around

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            This place has terrific desserts, gelato, baked goods......

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              I've tried about 8 cakes from La Tulipe and 3 cakes from L'Anjou Patisserie Francaise. I think L'Anjou is better. but for macaroons La Tulipe is the best I've ever had which includes Bouchon Bakery in the city. There torrone gelato is also out of this world. I need to hit up La Tulipe soon, it's been awhile.

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                I think the flavors at L'Anjou are better too except for the croissants. But, the cakes at La Tulipe really are beautiful. I have never had the gelato.

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                  I've never tried the croissants at La Tulipe or L'Anjou. they're always out. =[

                  1. re: daffyduck

                    Little trick I use - call the day before and order some. They'll hold them for you.

            2. there was an extensive thread on dessert recently, with some places in the areas you asked about...