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dessert westchester

Looking for a restaurant with extraordinary desserts in westchester, pleasantville chappaqua, mt. kisco area...willing to drive about 20 minutes

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  1. I am certainly no expert in the area...I have lived in LA for the past 10 years, but grew up in Chappaqua and my mom still lives in Pleasantville so I visit her frequently and I really enjoy the desserts (and food) at Jean-Jacques.

    468 Bedford Rd
    Pleasantville, NY 10570
    (914) 747-8191

    1. Plates in Larchmont has fabulous desserts. Giant Ring Ding and Country Doughnuts w/homemade icecream are my favorites. I even get them to go sometimes. Unvbelievable.

      1. it's not a restarant but a bakery ,la tulipe in mt. kisco has the best pastries and cakes around

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          This place has terrific desserts, gelato, baked goods......

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            I've tried about 8 cakes from La Tulipe and 3 cakes from L'Anjou Patisserie Francaise. I think L'Anjou is better. but for macaroons La Tulipe is the best I've ever had which includes Bouchon Bakery in the city. There torrone gelato is also out of this world. I need to hit up La Tulipe soon, it's been awhile.

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              I think the flavors at L'Anjou are better too except for the croissants. But, the cakes at La Tulipe really are beautiful. I have never had the gelato.

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                I've never tried the croissants at La Tulipe or L'Anjou. they're always out. =[

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                  Little trick I use - call the day before and order some. They'll hold them for you.

          2. there was an extensive thread on dessert recently, with some places in the areas you asked about...


            1. This is not a restaurant, but a bakery too. La Renaissance Bakery (http://lrbakery.com/) in Scarsdale has some of the best desserts I've ever tasted. My bf and I get the fruit tart for special occasions all the time. They use local, organic ingredients in their food.

              1. Me Me's on Mamaroneck in White Plains is my favorite place for desserts, although it is a bakery. In addition to made to order cakes, they offer a plethora of bite size versions of all their made to order desserts for $1-$2 a piece. Three of Me Me's little bites and a cup of joe will be the best $5 you spend on any dessert in Westchester. Enjoy!

                1. hey everyone i'm sorry to bring back an old thread but I thought it would be better then making a new one.

                  I'm looking for a sit down style place for dessert, order off a menu type of deal, for a dessert date with my gf tonight....I live in putnam county (mahopac) she lives in upper westchester (cortlandt manor) however I am very familiar with westchester, grew up in Yonkers...any places in putnam or upper westchester for a good sit down order off a menu dessert?

                  i'm looking for like hot brownie with ice cream style, I remember eating at a wonderful place in city Island....also any places on the water would be a plus.

                  thanks everyone

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                    Grandma's in Yorktown comes to mind--huge selection of pies.

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                      Main Street Sweets in Sleepy Hollow is good for an brownie sundae. You have to order at the counter though, but there is seating.

                      Mirabella Gelateria in Mahopac is also very good.

                      If you're willing to go to lower Westchester, you might want to try Rue Des Crepes in Harrison. I used to go there when they used to be down in NYC. Their crepes are great.


                      Main Street Sweets
                      35 Main St, Tarrytown, NY 10591

                      Rue Des Crepes
                      261 Halstead Ave Ste 1, Harrison, NY 10528

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                        applesauce and everyone thanks for the suggestions, so far main street sweets is gonna be my choice, still looking for a more restaurant style place if anyone has any more ideas. I was hoping for the cold spring area its such a nice day out there today to be on the water.

                        and ps. I live in mahopac and Mirabella is awesome!

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                        The Terrace Club on Lake Mahopac has excellent desserts. The warm and gooey black and white chocolate cake could fit your bill!

                        The Terrace Club
                        825 South Lake Blvd., Mahopac, NY 10541

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                          Check out Cafe Mozart in Mamaroneck too - not positive if they have a brownie sundae or not, but a great place to go for dessert. On weekend nights they have live music too.

                          Cafe Mozart
                          308 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

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                            They have something called Salieri's Revenge that is a brownie with ice cream and chocolate syrup,